DIY Hogwarts Trunk Ornaments

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Get ready for a Hogwarts holiday with DIY Hogwarts Trunk Ornaments!

This year I have taken on the challenge of creating a Harry Potter-themed Christmas Tree! These Hogwarts Trunk Ornaments are my latest creation, and add so much magic to my tree. I love how they look like miniature versions of a Hogwarts student's trunk filled with all of their magical school supplies. These ornaments are simple and fun to make, and would be such a cool gift for a fellow Harry Potter fan!

To make your own Hogwarts Trunk Ornaments, you will need these supplies:
  • Miniature Unfinished Wood Trunk
  • Brown Acrylic Paint
  • Faux Pebbled Leather
  • Strong Adhesive
  • Sandpaper
  • Scissors
  • Miniature Owl (or other animals)
  • Miniature Broom, and other Miniature Accessories

Use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges on the wood trunk, if necessary. Paint the entire outside of the trunk with a coat of brown acrylic paint. Let the paint dry completely. To give the trunk a "used" look, roughen the trunk up with sandpaper, especially around the corners and edges.

Next, cut two 1/2" x 12" strips out of light brown faux pebbled leather using scissors or a paper trimmer. Measure how tall the bottom section of the trunk is, on the front from the bottom edge to the top. Cut two pieces of leather in that length. Fold the end of one side of the strip (vertically), and cut at an angle to make a pointed edge.

Next, measure from the bottom edge of the top section of the trunk, up and over the top to the top of the hinges on the back. Add about 1/4" to that measurement, and cut two pieces at that length.

Add a little bit of adhesive to the back of both long strips, except for 1/4" at the pointed end. Stick the straight end down at the top edge of the hinge on the back, and then carefully lay the leather down up and over the top, and onto the front. Hold the leather in place until the glue has set. Repeat the process for the other strip of leather.

Put some adhesive to the back of both of the shorter strips. Align the strip with the top one that is already attached, and place it on the front of the bottom section of the trunk. Repeat for the other strip. Hold them in place until the glue has set.

If I were a Hogwarts student, you can bet that I'd be personalizing my trunk with all kinds of stickers and decor to make it all my own! Since I want the trunk ornaments to look like a miniature of the real thing, I did the same thing using this Trunk Stickers printable (personal use only) with multiple store logos and "stickers" from the magical world.

Download and print the "stickers" on regular copy paper. Carefully cut out the ones you want to use, and then place them down with a little bit of adhesive. A little adhesive goes a long way, so use it carefully so the paper doesn't rip or bubble.

To further customize the trunk, attach a miniature owl (or other pet), broom, or other accessories to the trunk with adhesive. I was able to find all of the items for my trunks in crafts stores with the miniature dollhouse and fairy garden accessories.

I made multiple trunk ornaments to put on my tree, and it was so fun to add different personalities to each one to make them unique. My favorite is this one that I put tiny Harry Potter-esque glasses and potion book on! These little trunks are so simple to make, and would be fun to make together with a group of Potterheads (like me)!

You can attach a string or wire to the trunk to be able to hang them from the tree, or you can easily nestle the trunks into the branches. I am absolutely thrilled with how this project turned out, and am in love with my Harry Potter-themed Christmas tree!!

As always, I would love to see your creations! Share yours on Instagram, Facebook, or leave a comment/photo on the project pin on Pinterest!

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Lindsay | Artsy-Fartsy Mama
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