DIY Light Bulb Decoration.

by Sarinasala1
1 Material
1 Hour
Here is a Christmas craft that is very simple to do. Using light bulbs and glitter you can create hanging decor that you can hang anywhere in your home. Christmas is fast approaching, so feel free to make these to hang on your Christmas tree.

What you need.
1)Light bulb
3)Paper plate

Light bulbs

I used some light bulbs I had around in varying sizes to make it more interesting.

Glue on globe
I gathered my materials and got to work:
1) First pour the glitter yo want to use in the paper plate. Then put glue all over globe. You can use a paintbrush to evenly cover the light bulb with glue.

Glitter on bulbs
2) Then you can roll the light bulb in the glitter. Watch as it covers with glitter! Continue to do that until the whole bulb is covered.
3) Then let it dry.

Do the same thing to all the light bulbs you want to use. You can vary in color and you can even use more than one color!

These are pretty simple to make and they are so pretty!

All completed
4)Take a piece of string and tie around the top of bulb to hang your decoration.
5)Wrap ribbon around metallic side of bulb
6)Now you have completed your decoration to hang up.

Suggested materials:
  • Light bulb and glitter   (Discount shop)
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