Fleece Mini Stocking Hat Ornaments, Package Toppers or Garland

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by Stacy Davis
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I enjoyed making my yarn Mini Stocking Hats so much that I found a tutorial for a fleece version. This little tutorial touches on all the different ways to personalize and add personality to your hats. These stocking hats are so easy to make, it is hard to make just a few. This tutorial could easily make a garland of miniature hats in less than an hour. As many people pointed out in my last tutorial, these don't just have to be Christmas decorations, they can be winter, baby shower, use your imagination and the possibilities are endless. **I just saw an idea on Pinterest to share with everyone. They covered a candy bar with a white wrapper, added a snowman face and other touches and topped it with one of these hats. Each one my kids will be getting one in their stocking, for sure. I will make one and post a picture as soon as I buy some candy bars.**


Gather Your Materials

  • Fleece (I used a few different colors)
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Needle and thread
  • Glue
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Any other decor you want for the hats

First, I gathered all the fleece colors that I owned. To make one hat, you need a piece of fleece 6 inches by 4 inches. I was making a lot of hats, so I just cut my fleece 6 inches wide and whatever length it ended up. Then after the next step you can cut the tubes into 4 inch or whatever length you want, sections. Note: I recommend make one hat first to make sure that you are happy with the size. I cut all mine to 4 inches and then wished I had added an inch or two.

Fold and Pin
Fold and Pin

Fold your fleece in half and pin. You will be sewing up the pinned side or craft glue would work too.


Trim away any excess fabric close to the line that you sewed but not too close.


Next, cut into 4 inches or what ever you chose for your desired length.

At this point, decide if you are putting a pom pom or fringe on top.

Sew the Top Edge
Sew the Top Edge

For a pom pom topped hat, I sewed the top edge closed while the hat was inside out. Then turned it right side out, as shown in the picture above, rolled up the bottom to form a brim and glued a pom pom on top.

Add a Tree Hanger
Add a Tree Hanger

On some of my fringe topped hats, I added a tree hanger. A piece of twine, ribbon or fabric will work. I folded it over and gave it a healthy sized knot. Turn your tube of fleece right side out. Then I used a scissors to cut fringe into the top of the hat. Some hats, I did about 1/2 inch in length and some hats have an inch in length.

Tie Shut
Tie Shut

Tuck the knotted end of your hanger inside and tie it closed tightly. (Some hats, I tied shut with twine and some hats I used embroidery thread.) Then you roll up the bottom, once or twice, whichever looks best to you and your hat is ready to personalize.


I used glitter glue and buttons to add personality. I think this is a fun project to do with kids. The steps are really easy and fleece can easily be found in the remnant section at Joann's and Hobby Lobby at usually a significant discount. You only need a very small amount to make several hats. Happy Holidays!

Pom Pom Hat Garland

And last but not least, a little haphazard pom pom hat garland.

DIY Snowman

Future Plans... While playing with scrap leftover pieces, I created a snowman in a hat that will make a fun garland with all kinds of happy snowman faces...

DIY Christmas Candy Decor

Behind this cardstock and fleece hat hides a king-size Reeses Peanut Butter treat. Perfect for a stocking stuffing. The tutorial will be posted this morning. 12/22/16 Happy Holidays!

DIY Snowman Decor

Here is another scrapbuster for fleece, felt and yarn. Inside this snowman, is a pint-sized chalk-labeled jar of candy. I love that his arms are posable. Do you want to build a snowman? Here is the link... http://www.hometalk.com/diy/craft/seasonal-decor/holiday-fleece-covers-for-treat-jars-26102709

Homemade Pom Poms

And don't put your fleece and felt away just yet. You can use it to make stocking caps for your Valentine's Day candy. Are pom pom creations in your future projects? Here is my how to... http://www.hometalk.com/diy/craft/seasonal-decor/valentine-s-day-and-easter-pom-pom-animals-or-creatures-with-treats-26227928

Suggested materials:
  • Fleece
  • Glitter Glue
  • Buttons
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