Heirloom Handmade Glitter Ornaments - a Tutorial

by SheaMc62
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Glitter and Christmas just seem to go together, and these ornaments, adorned with vintage jewelry, add an extra glam touch to the Christmas tree. The best part is they're super quick and easy to make!

These ornaments go together in a snap, and with the ribbons and jewelry added, you'll soon have a basket of beautiful, glamorous, one-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments. My original post is a bit lengthy with added details and photos, but you can get the gist of it here. If you'd like the whole nine yards, please visit my blog linked below!

With just a few supplies and one "surprise ingredient," you'll be making these glamorous ornaments in no time. I used clear glass Christmas ornaments for these, plus Mop & Glo floor wax (surprise!), a paper cone, a plastic tub, and my favorite glitter in the world (Art Glitter), which is super lightweight and extra sparkly.

Coat the inside of the ornament. Don't forget the neck! Drain well.

Pour glitter down the paper cone and gently swirl to coat the inside. Again, don't forget the neck of the ornament.

Tap the glitter out onto a folded piece of paper. This will make pouring it back into its container easier.

Put the hanger back into the ornament's neck and tie a piece of ribbon around it. This seam binding ribbon is tied into a double bow. Add a small piece of vintage jewelry to the final knot. This one was taken from a piece of costume jewelry that I took apart.

NOTE: Although there appears to be a "rainbow effect" on these ornaments, this is merely the nature of plain glass ornament "blanks." I've only used one color of glitter per ornament.

A basket full of glittery, shimmery gorgeousness which took about an hour to make (including all the bow tying and jewelry adding).

Suggested materials:
  • Floor polish (I used Mop & Glo)   (Supermarket)
  • Clear glass ornaments   (Craft store (Hobby Lobby))
  • Small plastic container (for spills)
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Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Tygress72 Tygress72 on Nov 22, 2021

    I was just gonna say something along the lines of what Eva addressed. What is so special about Mop n Glo that u felt the need to use it?? Not being sarcastic; I genuinely want to know. 🤔🧐

  • Lynn Sapp Lynn Sapp on Nov 29, 2021

    How long do they need to drain before adding glitter? And how long do they take to dry completely?

  • Heidi Allen Heidi Allen on Nov 30, 2021

    Great project!

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  • SheaMc62 SheaMc62 on Nov 23, 2021

    Thank you!

  • Im832600209 Im832600209 on Nov 24, 2022

    I LOVE these ornaments!!! I make jewelry as a hobby and have a lot of mismatched jewelry pieces to attach to them. What a quick and easy project. These are so pretty they would make nice gifts. 💕💕💕💕