How to Make a Froebel Star

2 Materials
5 Minutes

You can make froebel stars out of paper or out of fabric. they look stunning either way.

To make these out of paper just scroll down to step 2: Form the Froebel star base and go from there

But if you like sewing, but you also like origami.. you shouldn’t miss out on this project because it combines those two into one in a fun and easy way. This stunning Froebel star ornament will give your home or Christmas tree a special charm that those ornaments from the store just can’t replicate.

The interesting thing about this Dutch star ornament is the way you make it. It has just one seam! The rest is the result of folding. Keep reading and you’ll learn how to make one of these Froebel stars today!

Prepare the fabric for folding

Cut out four strips of fabric measuring 15 x 2.5 inches each.

Fold them in half horizontally, so that the long edges meet and the right sides are in. Stitch the long raw edge on each strip and turn the tube inside-out.

Press the strips and fold them in half so that the short edges meet. Press one more time.

Form the Froebel star base

Set one strip vertically onto your workspace, with the fold pointing up. Slide a second strip through it at the fold to form a T letter.

Take the third strip and wrap it around the bottom of the vertical strip so that its raw edges are pointing to the left.

Take the final strip, wrap it around the third with its raw edge facing up, and slide it through the second strip.

Slide them all as close to each other as possible so that you get a square with four prongs.

Start folding the star ornament

This part is a bit tricky, so pay attention.

Fold just one layer of the right prong to the left over the square. Then fold one layer of the top prong down over the square.

Fold one layer of the left prong to the right over the base. Fold one layer of the bottom prong up over the base, and through the folded part of the first strip, the prong on the right.

Press everything flat.

Make the star points

Fold the bottom-right strip to the back and down so that it becomes parallel to the bottom strip.

Fold it one more time, but this time to the left and over the bottom strip so that it forms a triangle that’s facing right.

Fold that strip upward, trim the excess fabric, and tuck its end into the bottom-right square on the star base.

You just made one point of the star.

Repeat the process with the remaining prongs to make all the star points like so.

What do you think of this Froebel star ornament? It’s fun, right? Let us know how yours turned out in the comments and feel free to share your thoughts about it, we appreciate your feedback! Go ahead and make a bunch of these for your friends and family, they’ll love the unique present!

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric
  • Thread
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