How to Make a Nativity Christmas Ornament (+ Free Printable Nativity I

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With all the craft supplies I’ve stocked up over the months, one of my favorite things to do is send the kids to the craft drawers, and have them pick out stuff to create their own craft or masterpiece. While Ana worked on our Fingerprint Christmas Ornaments, Sam announced he was going to make a Nativity Christmas ornament.

I wasn’t sure how he would pull it off, but quietly watched as his creativity took flight.

In the end, he made a gorgeous ornament, and did it with ease.

How to Make a Nativity Christmas Ornament

Since we were using the larger unfinished wood slices from our craft supplies, our ornament did not have a pre-drilled hole. You can choose a large 3.5″-4″ sized wood slice with a pre-drilled hole, for your ornament. Or you can opt for a smaller 2.4″-2.8″ wood slice, and yes both options come with twine for the ornaments.

Materials required:

Unfinished wood slice with a pre-drilled hole.

Acrylic paint (black, yellow, white, blue)

Paint brushes

Pencil (Optional)

Black Sharpie (Optional)

Nativity silhouette (A template with 3 different Nativity designs, in 3 sizes is available for download.)


1. Start by painting one face of the wood slice blue. You could also mix a little black paint in the blue to give a color variance.

2. Next, dependent on how adventurous you want to be, you can choose to freehand draw your Nativity scene (yes, Sam chose to draw his)

or you can trace out one of the Nativity silhouettes from the template.

3. Once done, go over your pencil silhouette with a black Sharpie.

4. Now, use the yellow paint to paint the big star,

the white for tiny stars.

5. You can leave the silhouette, as is,

or fill in areas in the silhouette with black paint, or the Sharpie.


If you want to take an easier route from drawing and tracing a template, simply download and print out the template. Carefully cut around the silhouette of choice and stick it to your wood slice.

So easy!

Before shopping for materials to make your own Nativity Christmas ornament, download a free printable I Spy Nativity sheet, to keep your kid(s) busy on Christmas Eve/Christmas morn.

You can also click on the image below to access the free download.

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  • Lisa Lisa on Sep 03, 2021

    I would love to print the nativity scene but the link is not working for me here nor on the mommy snippets website.

    I’m saving this one in hopes it will be fixed.