Re-purposed Metal Teaspoon / Christmas Tree Ornament

by Phillipcardjr
20 Minutes
The spoons in the first photo are plastic icecream spoons that I painted some time back. I began painting on spoons way back when, I'm not sure how long ago. But I had many to paint on and share. These here are to provide you with ideas of what you could paint on a spoon that do not all have to be for Christmas.
Simple wooden plaques were made to display the spoons in sets.
I like dollar stores don't you? While at the store just a few days back I picked out some metal spoons to paint on and see if there was interest in them, more than the plastic ones. . 3 different styles were picked out.
The spoons were taken down to the tractor garage and three had the area to be painted flattened in the vice. I used a piece of scrap angle iron on each side to reduce the chance that unwanted dents would be made to the surface.
It is not necessary to flatten the spoons but having seen other crafters here on Hometalk flatten the spoon and then stamp letters in the metal, I thought I would flatten a few to paint.
I'm a little ahead of myself. Needed for this project are; spoons, some acrylic paints and acrylic primer like gesso, or as I use Zinsser 123 primer. ( either of these is just to help the finished painting last longer ) A small drill bit and drill . some brushes . And I am useing barrel swivels that are used in fishing for hooks.
As seen in the previous photo the base coat primer was applied and allowed to dry. Then over the white a light purple with white was painted on the surface. Then the distant trees were painted using some purples and green and just a touch of brown( they do look like trees don't they? smiles ).
My liner brush is still a little large for such a small area so the house looks a bit funny. But the steps to this point are to... in front of the background trees lay in a little white and a light blue over the purple, for snow. For the cottage I outlined the roof first using white and light blue. Then here a cranberry with white for the walls. Blue for the door and yellow for the lighted windows. Moving forward the stone wall was based in then the snowman was painted, and the tree was added. I finished with the little walkway and added a little white for snow on the distant fence.
I painted this spoon after the featured one, having referenced a painting I did on the back of a Pinochle card. The finished spoons are in the next photo.
The only thing needed to finish was hook in the swivels.

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Good Crafting!
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  • MaryAnn MaryAnn on Dec 07, 2019

    I'm not great at painting, working on it but not ready for Prime Time yet. But can the spoons be decoupaged? Or other decorative tricks. These are really beautiful, you are such a talented miniature artist. Another place to find silver for painting is thrift. Thrift shops, yard sales, estate sales. Silver plate is really pretty, but the bowls wear to base metal quickly. You can paint the bowls, polish up the handles add a seal and have some lovely heirloom-style ornaments. Or even real heirlooms if your Mom has your Grandmother’s worn plate stashed away. This would look lovely on serving spoons or a pie server too.

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  • Dee Dee on Dec 10, 2016
    Wow you are so talented. Amazing work, wish I could do that, I make drips painting the walls, then have to sand it down. LOL Absolutely beautiful.

    • Phillipcardjr Phillipcardjr on Dec 11, 2016
      Thank you. It is true that drip marks on solid colors require some sanding ,most of the time. I paint scenes with texture so my drip lines and paint sags don't stand out, so less sanding. Smiles.

  • The Egg Shell Lady The Egg Shell Lady on Apr 28, 2020

    So talented. I am going to try this. What other ways do you display your art?