Stained Glass "Christmas Present"Cube Ornament

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This is a fairly quick and easy ornament project. I'd never worked with glass before and it still turned out beautiful. If was fun to do too!
I picked up a few pieces of sheet glass from my local craft store for about $10 each. I chose pieces with interesting colors and textures. I broke them down into smaller and smaller pieces until I had little squares.
Using a glass cutter, I scored the pieces on the smoothest side.
Placing a thumb on each side of the line (facing up)...
... I gave it a quick bending motion. SNAP!
All three glass colors got the same treatment. I used the width of my T-square, about an inch and a half, to mark perfect, little squares.
To make cubes, I basically taped them together. It was a special, peel and stick tape with a copper face that I found at the craft store.
It was a little tedious with my big fingers, but I eventually got the cubes assembled and the tape burnished down with my fingernail to get rid of any wrinkles and voids.
I painted the copper with plumber's flux from the hardware store. It's ok if some gets on the glass. It's an easy cleanup later and won't affect the next step.
I melted a dollop of thin electrician's solder onto the tip of a butane micro torch.
That dollop goes a long way. I simply "paint" it onto the copper tape with the hot soldering tip of the torch. Incredibly, it won't flow out onto the glass. Super easy!
It's easy to smooth out any blobs or imperfections by simply running it over again with the tip.
To make a hanging loop, I wrapped a little of the tape around some "jump rings" from the jewelry making section of the craft store added flux to both pieces and soldered them together.
That's it! Done. Clean them up with soap and water, slip an ornament hanger through the loop and carry them out to the tree!
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Suggested materials:
  • Sheet Glass   (Craft Store)
  • Glass Cutter   (Hardware Store)
  • Copper Face Tape   (Craft Store)
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  • Donna Donna on Dec 15, 2016
    I've always been fascinated by stained glass. You make this almost look easy!!! Do you think it's an okay beginner project for someone who has never worked with any of the materials - including solder?

  • Wynne Wigderson Wynne Wigderson on Jan 07, 2017
    How( or what did you use ) to 'color ' the glass? I just don't get it!

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