Different Way to Give Money on Birthday's or Any Other Occasion

Samina rizzo
by Samina rizzo
Made this for my husband's Niece birthday but you can make it for any occasion like weddings or graduations utube video inspire me to make it I just did few changes my own
Start with floral foam from dollor store
Cover all that foam with poster board colour of your choice, also from dollor store
Cover it with poster board with hot glue
Make a cake base with paper plate and glue little plastic shot cup to give your stand some hight
Cake base
On the top of plate add some ribbon with hot glue I use what I already have and look lie little cake frosting
Paper plate with 2 kind of ribbons
Role up all the dollor bills with pencil as a guide and secure it with mini clear rubber band then and large rubber band on cake base and start a ranging all the bills make sure stay level on bottom repeat the same step on all 3 cake tiers and add ribbon and secure with hot glue without touching money
On the top 4th tier i use 6 hair curler to role money on and secure it these flower pick stick it direct on foam and all other layer hot glue it on top each other it look little complicated but once you have all things u need and start making will go fast and make a amazing impression , she and all of her friends were amazed and taking pictures like this cake was a celebrity or something

First time iam writing or posting any of my project I made so sorry in advance if I make any mistake hope u all like it and inspire you to make it for someone special instead of just give money in envelope thanks
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  • Frances Toth Frances Toth on Jan 08, 2016
    I love this idea and intend on making this. Can you tell me about how much money is on the cake you show here? My guess is about !00$.

  • Josie Josie on Jan 02, 2017
    Looks great. How much $ in total, did you use ? I'd love to try this my daughter turns 17 in ten days. So this is a great idea!

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  • Brigette Bridges Brigette Bridges on Jan 10, 2016
    I love this idea! I have twin grandsons and I sure could not afford to do two of them this way but I'm thinking of making two of them but a little smaller. Not as big around and not as many layers. We shall see how it works out. ..lol

    • Samina rizzo Samina rizzo on Jan 10, 2016
      Thanks @Brigitte bridges u can make 2 mini cake with bottom layer white floral disc and green foam one ( in my cake layer number 2 and 3) and make base with small dessert paper plate combine 2 or 3 plate togather to male stronger and at the top stick their age number candle instead of flower just an idea thank

  • Kathy C Kathy C on Jan 10, 2016
    dang we don't have pound notes any more, only £5, which is just over $7! That's going to be one expensive cake! Daughter is 14 now, I'd better save up for graduation!

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    • Kathy C Kathy C on Jan 10, 2016
      I reckon I could - but then she can't just run out and spend it straight away! Actually that's a good plan....