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How to make baby shower decor. In today's tutorial we'll craft amazing baby party decorations. These wonderful DIY ideas will help you to make the party unforgettable!
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Now let’s make a fluffy kitten.
Take a small wool tuft. Start needle felting. Use thicker needle, size 36.
Gradually add wool to form an oval body.
It resembles an egg shape.
Make another same detail for a head. Join them this way. Add a bit of wool to the juncture.
Take a sponge to needle felt small details. Change the needle to a thinner one, size 38.
Make an ear. Fold a wool tuft to form a triangle.
Pierce in the center to create a 3D effect. Thus it looks like a real cat ear.
Tack the ears to the head .
Cover the juncture with wool to make it smooth. Done!
Add a bit of wool on the front side to make the head and ears a whole part.
Put a bit of pink wool inside an ear. Needle felt it.
Repeat for the other ear.
Roll up a tuft of wool and pierce to shape a paw.
Tack it in the same way as the ears. Repeat for the other side.
Take more wool for a leg and needle felt it. Form a foot. Pierce it until firm.
Join the legs to the body.
Make a tail. Tack it to the back.
Let the kitten hold its tail in a paw. Make a smooth junction between the legs and tail.
Needle felt pink wool to the tip of the tail.
Deepen the eyes area.
Pierce the mouth in the same way. Add the wool to form cheeks. And a nose.
Shape a bridge. Make the tip of the nose pink.
Tack the crimson wool inside the mouth.
Use the light pink rove to shade the cheeks.
And eyebrows. Roll up a tuft of light wool.
Shape a chin. Define the shape.
Pierce the cheeks until firm. Shape them round. Emphasize the eyes area.
Tie a pink ribbon to the neck to harmonize with the rest of the decoration elements.
Define the eyes with black bead halves. Attach them using multipurpose glue.
The lovely kitten is ready.
This funny kitten will become a favorite baby’s toy.

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Suggested materials:
  • Felt needles, size 36, 38
  • Unwoven wool of white and pink colors
  • Ribbon
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