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Create a festive garland for your holiday decor, birthday party or baby shower with this DIY Pom Pom Garland tutorial, complete with step by step pictures!
DIY Pom Pom Garland by All Things G&D




1. Thread a 6 inch piece of yarn through the middle prongs of the fork.

2. Pull it down and hold it with your fingertips.

3. With your other hand, grab an end of yarn from the skein and begin wrapping it around the fork.

4. Wrap the yarn around the fork 35-45 times. The number of times you wrap the yarn around the fork determines how thick and full your pom pom will be.
5. Once you’re done wrapping, bring that first 6″ strand of yarn up, center it around the middle of the bundle of yarn on your fork in both the front and the back.

6. Tie once to secure it in place.

7. With the first tie in place, slide all of your yarn off the fork entirely, and tighten your first tie as tightly as you can.

8. Tie a second tie to knot it and secure your bundle of yarn together through the middle.
9. Take a sharp pair of scissors with a pointy tip and cut the loops around the sides of your bundle of yarn.

10. Continue cutting all the way around until all of the loops are snipped, and then roll the yarn ball between your palms to get it to splay out and give it the shape of a ball.

11. Trim ends as needed, to give your pom pom the shape of a circle.

12. Last, thread a strand of yarn through a large needle and poke it through the center of your pom pom, and continue threading pom pons onto your yarn until your pom pom garland is its desired length.
I used this DIY pom pom garland for our 2014 holiday decorations but they also make great decorations for a birthday party or baby shower, so be sure to pin this project to Pinterest and come back to it when you need it!

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