Giant Paper Flowers for an Outdoor Wedding

Anna Ibarra
by Anna Ibarra
A good ole friend of mine's daughter was getting married. The daughter's place of venue was her grandmother's home. It was the same venue where her parents got married. ;-)
Wedding Vows-
The bride and groom wanted the quaint and trendy wedding that is big nowadays. They are both successful and wanted the intimate wedding for close family and friends. I repainted the wedding screen to a crackled finished to go with the facade of the home. The screen not only was a back drop to the ceremony, but it hid the look of the a/c.
Now Man & Wife ;-)
The hung up lights across the yard over the tables and hung large colorful plastic balls. It looked amazing at night.
My daughter & her boyfriend being silly.
This is where I also came in. The daughter asked me if I can help making large flowers. She sent me pics of some of the ones she wanted. Then I went on Pinterest to get some more ideas and found the giant paper flowers.
Her grandpa's ole garage. He passed last yr.
The grandma wanted to paint the garage, but the bride said "NO!" It was to stay as is as her grandpa had it. I made the giant flowers for a back drop on the ole sliding door. The garage has part dirt floor, but in most area, it has a brick floor. And it has the ole large wide wood for the walls. Amazing wood. Bride just wanted a few flowers here and there.
Mariachi's serenaded to the couple.
Better view of the lights and the colored plastic balls. The property was very large. They had 15 round tables and a dance floor. Then where garage side was not only the photo drop area, with the cutest seating bench made of two chairs, as seen on HT. By garage was the serving area, where wedding was catered, gift table and portrait of Bride. Then there was also a very room area for kids to play around.
Made by Bride's sister.
The bride choose the colors of Fiesta, since here in SA, TX we have an annual big party occasion we call "Fiesta Week!!" It's big here, but bride also wanted it to be lots of white along w/colors.
Bride's family & new addition to family.
The sister and Mother, my friend, wore RED. Dad was also put in Red shirt.
A very close knit family.
That garage door is amazing, and still works great, I'd love to have it. They are planning to sell the house. It's too much yard and house too big for serviving grandmother. They also had a giant wooden ladder. It was so great!
First dance as married couple.
They met almost 9 yr ago. He was active duty, she was in college. He became successful in army touring as a trumpet player and singer in the Army. They went separate ways, but found themselves again years later. ;-) If it's meant to be it's meant to be.
Large paper flowers are mainly from poster board, they keep sturdy longer. I also use card stock for some of the middle, and paper plates to act as a support backing. So much fun to make. They can use them up for fiesta for years to come. We here in SA, we some choose to hang a Fiesta wreath for upcoming Fiesta week..
Bride saw these and sent me a picture for me to try and make some. I got this inspiration from a pic online. The board are from GW, just happened to find them, not even looking for them. They are from a Ross store that had inspirational words. I primed & Painted first in cream then in brushed on white to give it an fading white look, then sanded to roughed it up. Got printable frame and I hand wrote the words, to mean "Bride & Groom" in spanish. Then I modpodge it on and sealed it. I use the small paper flowers from napkins to make it as her pic she sent me.
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    Hi, how did you stick the paper flowers to the barn?

  • Danica Danica on Jul 21, 2018

    What did you use to stick the flowers to the barn?

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