Great Gatsby Inspired Party Decor!

by Jessie
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So I am throwing a Great Gatsby themed party in September and wanted decor a bit more glitzier than your run of the mill paper decor... so off to the Salvation Army I go and find the perfect lamp base and metal basket!
This is the lamp base that I found at my local Salvation Army. It had no shade, which was perfect for me to hang my bling on...
I purchased silver and gold necklaces (the mardi gras type) from Oriental Trading, cut them in half and simply glued them evenly around the perimeter of the upper shade one by one, leaving the full length of each necklace. ..
To disguise the glue lines at the top, I affixed large round "bling pieces" all around the ring...
I then trimmed the bottom and gave it some what of a asymmetrical appearance just for flair... I also plan to replace the bulb with a stylish Edison bulb ( not pictured)... and VOILA!! Then...
I also wanted a chandelier to hang in the middle of the ceiling amongst the gold and silver balloons... so I spray painted the basket gold..
Then using the shapes on the basket as a measuring gauge , I simply placed a cut necklace one by one and glued the underside of each necklace to the frame, as you see below...
After i glued them all around, I used the silver beads in an alternating pattern on the upper ring...and....
VOILA! I LOVE IT!! inexpensive but pretty for the eyes!! icon
Also, here are some more of the bottles that I'm giving away as gifts...( from previous post) As always thanks for looking!!♡
Suggested materials:
  • Mardi gra beads   (Oriental trading)
  • Lamp base   (Salvation army)
  • Metal basket   (Salvation army)
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  • Jessica Serrano-Gregg Jessica Serrano-Gregg on Feb 07, 2018
    Jessie, simply stunning! Will you be posting any more 20‘s themed crafts? The reason I am asking is that I have a friend that has asked for my help for her wedding decorations which is also a 20’s themed decor elements but More towards your style of that era versus art deco in hardlines more towards your style of that era versus art deco and hard lines...I’m just looking for some more creative ideas for the great gatsby theme. ITs not exactly my strong suit lol! Great job and another great grea tutoria! Any idea since you may have would be very helpfu!! Thanks! Jess

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