Rustic Wedding Decorations - DIY-Style

Margaret Swanton
by Margaret Swanton
Fancy weddings are truly outdated. Who needs all the conundrum and the stress? Even worse, whose budget can handle it? If you prefer a simple ceremony to celebrate your devotion and love with only your nearest and dearest, my suggestions for DIY rustic wedding decorations will come in handy. In this post, I have assembled my favourite thrift store finds which can be used to decorate your reception area on The Big Day.
Virtually everything, from suitcases to old maps, from tin cans to empty old bottles can be used to make lovely themed centrepieces or a setting for your favourite wedding photos.
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My mum used to have some of these old wood cuts to place hot pots on them. With some imagination they make a fascinating reception table centrepiece!
Still speaking of shabby chick and rustic decorations, using an old suitcase to hold the greeting cards from the guest is both original and budget-friendly.
If you have one of those old-fashioned travelling suitcases your great-granny used to travel with, don't hesitate to turn it into a table. It may not be comfortable to dine on but it makes for a dazzling photo setting!
Old globes can make for fascinating table decorations. Yes, they take up a lot of space but if you are planning travel-themed wedding, they are just what you need!
All those old tin cans that are rusting away in your back yard need are one sanding and a coat of paint away from becoming the perfect flower centrepiece!
While we are talking about painting tin cans... you can personalise them by writing your initials on them.
Bottles with flowers are the signature look of every rustic defcoratyion, so don't forget about them!
Margaret Swanton
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