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Yeah, you read well... This post is all about poop!

I love my dog, but I hate to see, smell, or pick up his poop. This year, I decided to make my backyard a haven of peace and as my dog ​​can not help but do his own thing, I decided to make him a little corner just for him! And why not make it pretty!?

This is how the West side of my backyard was looking before I started to work on it. It truly was a mess!!!
I'm sorry guys for not taking pictures of the process, but really, the steps are very simple!

We dug a square hole about 4 inches deep. We then installed a geotextile. The pieces of wood were screwed to each other using small squares and were installed over the geotextile. Finally, we dumped 13 bags of 1/2" crushed stones.
As you can see in this picture, my dog ​​has already honored his new litter!!

It is gonna be so much more easier to pick it up compare to grass!
My dog ​​supervising the work!

As you can see in the picture, I cut 1 "x 6" x 5' treated wood planks of 19" length each. Each side of the trash can will be 3 planks wide, so 16 inches wide.

BTW, it is not a mistake... 3 x 6" really equals 16" in wood. I never understood why, but the carpenters obviously don't calculate like the rest of the mortals! icon  
Wood you'll need :
  • 12 pcs of 1" x 6" x 19"
  • FRONT & BACK FRAMES- 4 pcs of 2" x 3" x 16" (cut in 45 degrees, 16" being the smallest measure).
  • SIDES FRAMES - 4 pcs of 2" x 3" x 17 3/8" (cut in 45 degrees, 17 3/8" being the smallest measure).
  • COVER - 2 pcs of 2" x 3" x 20" + 3 pcs of 1" x 6" x 20" + 2 pcs of 2" x 3" x 16"
First thing to do, is to assemble the top and bottom frames.

As you can see in the drawing, I did not bother with the screws. If it had been a piece of furniture, I would have made pocket holes, but not for a poop trash can! icon
Once the top and bottom frames are assembled :

A - screw 3 planks inside the frame on the front and back sections. Repeat for the top and the bottom frames.
B - Then screw 3 other planks on the side portion of the frame, again, on top and bottom frames.

You should now have what looks like a box.
This is an inside view of the cover.

A - Assemble the 3 planks together using the 2 pcs of 2" x 3" x 16". Use 2 screws per plank.

B - Then, using little squares, assemble the 2 pcs of 2" x 3" x 20" on the 2" x 3" x 16", perpendicularly.
To install the handle, measure the distance between the screw sockets and report that measure where you want the handle to be.

A - Using a small mesh, a little smaller than the diameter of the screw, drill holes on the outside part where your reported the measures.

B - On the other side of the cover, using a mesh a little bigger than the head of the screw, drill holes in the same ones previously made. Be careful not to drill to deeply as you don't want the smaller holes to disappear!

C - A cut view of the holes so you understand what I meant on the step B.
Install hinges to the can and the cover and... decorate your new poop trash can! icon I choose to install galvanized steel buckets and annual flowers.
Suggested materials:
  • 2" x 3" x 8'   (Rona (or Home Depot))
  • 1" x 6" x 5'   (Rona (or Home Depot))
  • 1/2" crushed stones   (Rona (or Home Depot))
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