DIY Dog Washer Ring

Kedar Nimbalkar
by Kedar Nimbalkar
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How to Bathe a dog that HATES the water

My adorable dog doesn't like to shower to much because when water goes in to his nose he feels uncomfortable, so to make his experience a little more comfortable I decided to make a fun 360 gadget. For this project you will need a standard clear garden hose, a dremel tool to drill holes, a piece to connect the ends of the hose, and a beautiful dog that loves to be clean! I hope you enjoy the steps because I had a blast making this and it has been so helpful for my dog.

First, I measured the side of the garden hose around my dog and cut it accordingly. Make sure to be careful!
Use Pliers to cut the hose to the right circumference

Next, It is time to get the dremel tool out to make some holes around the tube. By drilling holes around the whole perimeter it will help the water be evenly distributed and help you reach every spot so your dog can be super clean!
Now it's time to slip this piece on either side of the tube, connecting it, and making a circular shape. 
I then turned on the hose and the gadget was working perfectly! Not only, will my dog be more comfortable when he gets a shower, I will also be able to get all the different areas clean. It is shower time! Try this DIY to help your dog have a super clean and comfortable shower. It was simple and fun to make and we both love it :)
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  • Ethel Kirkpatrick Ethel Kirkpatrick on Oct 04, 2017
    I love what you have done for your dog! And I think the dog likes it too! But best of all, I like how the two of you get along. Your lovely black lab looks a lot like my old dog... You have to admit... Labs are the best dog ever! :) Nice work...!

  • Marlene Marlene on Nov 02, 2017
    You are brilliant. Take this idea to market before someone else does. Make a few and bring them to local pet stores (speak with the owners) Can call it...Pause for a Shower.....or "Shower" your pet with Love...whatever....I think you can make a small fortune for pet lovers! It's portable too! Good luck!