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On April First, I brought a surprise home to the family. Sam and I had been doing a walk through with one of our beautiful brides at a nearby ranch. The property was beyond gorgeous, but we were taken by the four litters of kittens frolicking around the house and barn. Calicos, tabbies, coons, and even Siamese, it was a kitty lovers dream! Introducing Cinder, our little tough stuff who follows you anywhere and will scale your pant leg to ride your shoulders if you do not watch out. It was so great watching the reactions from Sean and the kids when I brought him home. Our adopted baby was a sure fit!

Photo Cred: Anya McInroy
Obviously, my infatuation with this little rag-a-muffin has started some DIY imagining.  Who could resist making presents for this cutie patootie?
For a first project, I wanted to make Cinder a bed that was cozy, but friendly to the design of my house.  I was not really feeling all the pastel, overstuffed cat beds at our local pet store and I knew that with a couple of materials, Cinder could have a rock star bed!

This project is crazy easy and requires very little by way of materials or expertise.

  • old drawer
  • scrap piece of memory foam
  • scrap material (I chose some faux fur for added coziness)
  • thick branch, cut into four 5″ pieces
  • drill
  • wood screws
Making sure that all your branches/legs are the same length and maintain a nice level surface on the top and bottom, grab a drill and attach the “legs” to the bottom four corners of your old drawer.
Since I knew that my drawer would be lined with padding and fabric, I simply screwed the legs down from the top.  I figured that I would never see the heads of the screws and it would keep things way more secure.
I personally love using branches for furniture legs.  There is something so cool about the slight curves and twists of the branches that break up the very boxy and linear shape that some furniture can take.

Another option: You can find furniture legs at Home Depot if you can't find a branch!

For extra stability, I used two screws per branch.  That way, things were more stable.  Plus, I did not have to worry about legs spinning and unscrewing.
Next step was to cut a piece from my memory foam scrap that would fit the drawer.  Lol, you do not need to go this far, if you do not want to.  Obviously, you could simply use a small pillow or some batting.  I guess I was just looking to spoil Cinder!
Perfect fit!  Now time for some furry fluff!  You could easily use an old fur blanket from a thrift store, or just buy a small swatch at a fabric store.
Now time for some furry fluff!  You could easily use an old fur blanket from a thrift store, or just buy a small swatch at a fabric store. If faux fur isn't the look you're going for, you can also use scrap fabric!
Honestly, I am kinda freaking out about how dang cute this turned out! A purrrfect project for any cat-mama!
Ahhh, my prince is now 5 months old…and looking so regal in his brand new bed!  I was so stoked that he liked right away.

Happy crafting!

Zest it Up
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  • Jillica Jillica on Mar 12, 2017
    I am not a cat person anymore, more of a dog girl, but I love this project! It is beautiful and sweet. might have to do one for my Chinahuas.

  • Jacqui Jacqui on Apr 20, 2018

    There is nothing better than being a willing slave to a pet.