Doggie Feeder/Food Storage

by John
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I made this Dogie feeder out of %100 pallet wood and it sold before the stain dried

I started by breaking down this pallet with a pallet buster that i got from my students

Then i cut all of my pieces/The frame 18x10x12

Then i made the lid by gorilla gluing 4 boards together with clamps

Then i placed a dog bowl upside down on the lid and traced with a pencil and i cut it out with a jig saw.Do not cut rite on your trace cut in about 1/3

Then i sanded all of it down with 100 grit sandpaper

Then i stained it with a gun stock color stain and i added the bowls and hardware once it dried

Then i added a plastic liner for the inside so food or dogie toys can be stored in it

Then i added a hanging bone that can be personalized with your pets name with 2 chains and here you have a dogie feeder with storage

Suggested materials:
  • Pallet wood   (local grocery store)
  • Stain   (had from previous jobs)
  • Bowls   (pet store)
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