Grow Your Own Sprouts

Sprouts are so nutrient dense and easy to grow! Even in the middle of winter in New England.
The same method can be used for various types of plants. I used fenugreek seeds because I promotes healthy lactation and I'm nursing. It really does make a difference but you can us all sorts of spouts. Broccoli, bean, sunflower. I got my seeds at my local Whole Foods and it makes a TON!!!!
You can use a large mason jar and I own a sprouting lid. It makes things super easy. I provided an affiliate link on my blog or you can google it. They're inexpensive. Around $5. Soak your seeds overnight in a mostly full jar of water. You just want to cover the bottom with a single layer of seeds. So around 2 Tablespoons.
After an 8-12 hour soak drain all the water from the jar and place it at an angle in a bowl so it continues to drain and gets some sun. Twice a day you'll since the sprouting seeds with fresh water, drain it, and place it back in the same position. In 4-5 days of this quick step you'll have lots of sprouts for salads and sandwiches.
And there you have my winter garden ;)
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  • Marcia Strode Marcia Strode on Mar 20, 2016
    I never had much luck when I tried sprouting, always seemed to develop mold? Was i just leaving them too long, any idea?

  • Gay Young Gay Young on Jun 18, 2016
    I am curious about the fenugreek seeds you are sprouting. Can you describe the flavor of the sprouts? I have taken as a supplement and read that the seeds are used to make artificial maple syrup. Are the sprouts sweet?

  • Corinne Friebel Corinne Friebel on Jul 14, 2016
    Do you purchase regular garden seed packets from a store, or ???

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