Tomato Sucker EZ DIY rooting

Pamela Scruggs
by Pamela Scruggs
I enjoy generating free tomato plants from the tomato plants I have growing from the seeds I kept from last year's tomatoes.. (hahaha that was a mouthful :)
these are some suckers pruned off
I had this old pitcher leftover from a ninja that got broken instead of throwing it away I have turned it in to my rooting pitcher.
Kabob skewers
this is my easy hack to keep the stems suspended into the water and the greenery up above from falling into the water
Use rainwater if u can
Works pretty well..and it makes me happy to have repurposed something that was destined for the trash..and it costs a lot less than a mason jar because it was free.
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  • Adventures In Junking Adventures In Junking on Jun 05, 2015
    My interest isn't the container but the cuttings - are these "suckers" that you have grown from seed or "suckers" that you have pinched off plants that you have grown from seed?

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    • Katht Katht on Sep 03, 2021

      The suckers are pinched off of the mother tomato plant. You can pinch them off and strip the bottomleaves off of the sucker stem, place it in water, wait for roots then plant again for a new tomato plant. You can also leave the suckers on and the will produce fruit as well.

  • B.j. Baker B.j. Baker on Mar 26, 2017
    confusing article,, is it about the container or the cuttings?

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    • Michelle Michelle on May 19, 2019

      It was about using the container to hang the plant and for it to keep from going into the water, is what I read. Both really good suggestions.