Hide Those Huge Bags of Dog Food! An Easy Peasy DIY solution!

by Jasmin
Such an easy solution and so easy to customize to your own decor! An old Potato Bin. That's it. Use whatever you want for a name plate - I chose to burn her name into it for a more arty and permanent feel. And I left it natural wood. But you can always paint it, stain it or whatever depending on your personal style.
Here it is! All finished! See the other photos for befores
Hiding away. It fit the large bag perfectly! I added the metal tub to catch and drippings that her dainty little self might create. AND her short little puppy friends can't reach it now! Well, they can, but its a pain for them.
A little collage showing it all together
Look at that smile! SEE how HAPPY she is with it!!!!
The sign, before and after burning. I just used a cheapy little burner that you can find at almost any hardware or craft store.
Patiently waiting for her chance to eat the food.
A plain old potato bin. This was was passed on due to the floral print, and the person didn't have the drive to remove it ... but I did!!!
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  • Linda Linda on Jul 10, 2016
    Where'd you get the bin? I haven't seen one of those in ages

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  • Petuniasgran Petuniasgran on May 27, 2016
    We have a little cairn who likes to go swimming in his water bowl...not good when you have hardwood floors. I found a rubber boot tray that people in snow country use and set the water bowl in it. Even if he decides to go for a swim the mess is contained:-)

  • Carey Carey on Sep 22, 2016
    I have a Teeny Tiny Poodle and a mini Longhair Doxxy. They are best buds and often trade dishes but both eat out of their own. They insist on sleeping together in their kennel. Try separate kennels and NO ONE SLEEPS ALL NIGHT!!! The poodle, Missy, was a rescue and very frightened of everything when we got her. Sweetie was her comfort for a very long time. If she got scared, she would run sit on top of Sweetie, who would reach up and lick her face, letting her know that everything was all right. Now she has no fear!!! What a difference. The change has been such an amazing thing to watch and enjoy. Now she is a happy lap dog! Should say, I have two lap dogs and one Lap Cat!