Pampered Kitty Tree Room

Jami Board Ubertini
by Jami Board Ubertini
4 Days
How do we make our kitty's happy and keep me and my OCD under control? You turned an extra bedroom into the animal room! It's the perfect way to keep food for 5 picky eaters, litter boxes, and other odds & ends in one spot not on the kitchen counter! It also gives our 3 cats a place to escape their brothers, our 2 dogs.
We first decided we wanted a fun room for them and of course we wanted it to look nice as well. So we figured the cats love to think they are outside so why not bring the outside in! Our first step was paint colors and as always the most time consuming. The first thing that needed to be done was to make the trees! My hubby who is well not artistic in the least said he could do it with tape. So I let him go at it. He put the tan color on the wall to start and let it dry overnight. The next day he came in and taped free handed trees no real method to it just trying to make the typical tree with only branches. Then he used the green to paint all 4 walls and he even made some hills. No straight lines. Once he finished the "grass" he moved on to the sky. The entire ceiling and 4 walls were painted blue to resemble sky.
The next day we came in and added all our shelves and cute little animals with fun sayings on them to the top of the "grass" as if they were walking around the room. We had added a pre cut counter top that was left over from when we built the house. We found a lower cabinet at Lowes to use on one end for storage. This is where we make breakfast & dinner for all 5 of our furbabies. Much easier all in one spot ; )
Don't look its the dreaded litter boxes. Its ok to take a peek real fast. We wanted a way to catch the extra litter that gets thrown out of the box but didn't want those itty bitty rugs that are just too little and get nasty very fast. You know what the answer is? Artificial turf. How fun & it really works! So we lined the whole closet floor with it and have 2 huge boxes in there. Outta sight is oh so nice. And the extra perk no pups looking for well... Any snacks that just shouldn't be eaten : / yuck.
Finally we crossed our fingers & pulled the tape off the tree wall & it worked!! The hubby really did it. The tan he painted first was covered by the tape while he painted the green & blue. I then finished wrapping our shelves, some with the turf and the others with foam and fabric. So the kitty's can climb, sit, or just nap on them.
You can see our oldest Jackson is sleeping on one of the shelves he loves being up there.
We also added a tv stand that was perfect highth with the window and big pillow so they can watch their birds outside. We also have 4 cat towers so we put one in here. They have other toys to play with as well.
Just one of the cute wooden cutouts we put up. It sums up all 5 of our furbabies. Spoiled but thats how it's supposed to be right?
It took about 4 days to finish the "kitty play room" Final cost for everything was around $200. I think its a win win it has kept these 2 sneaky boys out of the cat food & litter and gives our 3 cats a great place to hangout dog free!
Lucas & Toby are pretty happy about having a great place to hangout together. And old man Jackson is as happy as he can be.
And me? I just smile & do a happy dance when I walk in their room. Cute & functional.
Just added a little touch of cutness. As I was fixing the furries dinner the other night I flipped on their lights and saw the ugly white switch plate and figured it needed something. So after some thought of spraypaint, or replacement it came to me I have scrapbook paper!!! So I grabbed the cute puppy paper, box knife, & modge podge and got to work. I laid the paper down and put the switch plate on the paper upside down and cut around it enough to wrap around the plate. Then covered the plate with the modge podge and placed the paper on it then lightly coated the paper with another coat of modge podge and let it dry over night. And the next morning I had total cutness to put on the walls. 😃
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  • Donna Wetzel Donna Wetzel on Jun 10, 2016
    How do the cats get into the closet with the door closed?

  • K-j7746534 K-j7746534 on Jul 28, 2016
    how could I turn my spare room into a room for my ferrit she would love this idea thank you

  • Nevilda Nevilda on Oct 03, 2021

    I absolutely love it. Going to ty it in my foster kitten room. Thank you for sharing. Great job.

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