Tips for customizing a Coffee table for cats food?

by Blythe
I had purchased this unque small coffee table that has a top that can be put up or down on either side and a small shaelf the perfect height for cats food and water bowls to make less of a mess and less possibilty of spills etc. I am just new at using wood cutting tools and only have a hand saw and a miter saw the lTer of the 2 i am too immitated by to use yet..but i to know what kind of saw or otherwise would be best to cut holes.out of the bottom shelf for cat bowls? I am also very interested in taking a wood working class just dont know where to even look for one. Just a lottle but of back ground i was diagnosed with breast cancer last december and have since finished treatment and all is well so far but in that time i have found my creative side and love doing all sorts of projects only issue i am really intimitated by anything that could.cut my fingers or any appendages off but need to be taught how to safely use all t ife equipment because i absolutely love my new found hobby and hometalk takws up an hour of my time at least before i go to work because i absolutely adore all of you guys abd your ideas and begins every day on a.postive note for me and i thankyou guys so much. Happy projecting looking forward to my daily emails and new ideas and learning new budget freidnly buolding and creating daily!
Blythe Remington

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  • Bje26104591 Bje26104591 on Jun 22, 2018
    A jigsaw will do the trick. Just draw your circles, drill a hole large enough for your jigsaw blade ON THE INSIDE EDGE of your circle, put your jigsaw blade in the hole you drilled and around you go! Good luck in your new endeavor. I started woodworking on my own years ago making things I wanted but couldn't afford to buy. Have made just about everything except chairs for me, family and even sold pieces. Don't be intimidated just let your creativity soar. Best of luck to you!

  • Kate Hollingsworth Kate Hollingsworth on Jun 22, 2018
    Hi Blythe, great to hear you’re keen to get into woodwork! The best way to cut a big hole is to use a drill and a jigsaw. Mark where you want the bowl holes to go (make sure the holes are big enough to fit the bowl through but small enough that the lip of the bowl won’t fit through). Drill a small pilot hole at the edge of your circle. Then insert the jigsaw blade through the hole you’ve just made and cut all the way round the circle with your jigsaw. Good luck and I hope you’ll post photos on Hometalk when you’re done :) xx

    • Blythe Blythe on Jun 23, 2018
      Thankyou for the advice and i will post a before and after as it will g ett me motiviated ti get it started and finishef thankyou again!

  • Mogie Mogie on Jun 22, 2018
    Contact your local community college concerning classes. They generally offer varying levels of courses based on your skill level. You might even check with your local Lowe's or Home Depot concerning wood working classes.

    • Blythe Blythe on Jun 23, 2018
      Thankyou for that direction inwill be looking into all mentioned asap!

  • Dee Dee on Jun 22, 2018
    As for classes, contact your local Vocational Technical school. If they don't offer them, they may know where you can find them. Home Depot holds fun classes most weekends. Ask them for their schedule.

    • Blythe Blythe on Jun 23, 2018
      Thankyou so much Dee i will be looking into classes at vocational school as my weekends are booked with my full time employment but thankyou so much for the direction!