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Has anyone done a marker or memorial for a pet?

Rhonda S
by Rhonda S
We lost a beloved Boston Terrier and have him at rest in the xeriscape garden. In the past, we have simply put in a planting where we laid pets, but our son would like to have a momorial or marker for the dog he grew up with. Ol' Bugs is near a pergola we are updating. I thought I might stack a rock onto a step stone or carve his name into a step stone. I originally thought I might be able to carve his name in the rock, but I don't think I have the skill. Pictured is my "practice" B on a scrap from a concrete paver and the some of the stones I have now. I can buy some new material, but we will not put much money into this. I have a 10 inch by 12 inch by about 7 inch high stone. I have several 8 x 16 pavers, and one 12 x 12. I have a few black granite tiles, but I'm sure that I would break them if I try to use the air-hammer on them. Any other suggestions for carving or etching? I would like it to be a cheerful reminder of the fellow in the tuxedo.
q has anyone done a marker or memorial for a pet
B carved into the concrete paver with an air hammer.
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  • Wit24614116 Wit24614116 on Jun 01, 2017
    I would paint a memorial rock with sharpie paint pens and then spray on a clear sealer so it will last. Check out painted rocks on Pinterest for some clever could even do a portrait of your dog or just do his name & dates for a memorial stone. I have done owls, lady bugs, cacti and cute houses.....that have lasted through AZ weather for years. It's would be easier & faster !

  • William William on Jun 01, 2017
    I agree with using Sharpies. You can find free letter templates online. For a more permanent printing bake the stones. Place the stones in a cold oven, turn the oven on at 250 degrees for an hour. Turn the oven off and let it cool. Do not remove the stones until fully cooled.

    • Rhonda S Rhonda S on Jun 03, 2017
      Good to know! I don't think I'll use that for this project, but it sounds like exactly what I will use for the plant markers in the xeriscape garden where Bugsy rests. Thank you!

  • Wit24614116 Wit24614116 on Jun 01, 2017
    I used Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear (clear) Gloss ..... indoor/outdoor . A protective, non-yellowing clear finish. You can get it at Michaels . Goodluck being creative !

  • LibraryKAT LibraryKAT on Jun 01, 2017
    I would try making a custom paver of cement, using either set in letters for the desired info and decorations or making impressions of the same. There are a lot of sites (including hometalk!) with DIY instructions . This would last a lot longer than paint. I'm sorry you lost your pet, perhaps making the memorial stone will help remember the better times.

  • Rhonda S Rhonda S on Jun 02, 2017
    I think painted rocks would be a darling addition to the garden, but I like the idea of a custom paver. I don't know what to do about the lettering, though. I don't want to just write it with a stick. I'll search the instructions tomorrow. Thank you for the kind words. He was a good boy. We have wonderful memories of him growing up with our son.

    • Rhonda S Rhonda S on Jun 03, 2017
      I think that is a sweet idea, but not what I had "pictured." I think I WILL paint some dog print stones to put with it, though. Thank you for the idea!

  • C.B. C.B. on Jun 02, 2017
    You can make a special name plaque by pouring damp sand into a cardboard box [like a file folder size box] lined with plastic. using your finger or a small dowel, make impressions into the damp sand spelling out the name & dates of your pet's birth/death, create a border, THEN mix some mortar mix according to directions & carefully place it on top of the damp sand. Spread the mortar mix to the depth [thickness] that you desire the 'stone' to be; let it set at least overnight or in it is thoroughly dry; then carefully turn the box over [giving the 'stone' support] to remove the it. Carefully remove the excess sand & using a brush, sweep the sand off exposing the wording/dates, set aside & let it dry thoroughly. Once dry, you can paint it after applying a primer; then with sealer.

    • Rhonda S Rhonda S on Jun 03, 2017
      I priced "concrete in a bucket" at my local hardware, and it was more than $30. I found a product called "Durham's rok hard wter putty" that was $7 for 4 pounds, so that's what I'm going to use. Thank you for getting me started!

  • Kan24162518 Kan24162518 on Jun 02, 2017
    check out ebay,they sell really nice pet markers for around 35.00 and up i got one 9 years ago and it still looks as good as it did day 1.they will engrave his picture on it his name,date of birth and death and any personal remarks you may want on it. i can't express how nice they are,,

    • Rhonda S Rhonda S on Jun 03, 2017
      If I can not get my idea from this to work, this will be my backup plan. Thank you so much. It's hard to lose a pet, but I think this will make it a nice place to laugh about his antics.

  • Jean Jean on Jun 02, 2017
    We went to our local trophy shop, had a plaque made ( very inexpensive). We then went to Walmart bought a flat, smooth stepping stone $1.50. Them cement glued the plaque to stone. It was beautiful

    • Rhonda S Rhonda S on Jun 03, 2017
      Oh! I have a nephew who does engravings. I'll mention this to him! He's great about doing personalized work. It isn't what I am thinking for our Bugsy, but it is a great idea. If my other idea doesn't pan out, I'll have this as a backup plan, too. Thank you for the post!

  • Jeanie Golding Riggio Jeanie Golding Riggio on Jun 02, 2017
    I saw this somewhere and am wanting to try it. Use and old cake plan....spray it with non stick spray and fill with ready made concrete. Before it hardens write whatever you want. Cement should come right out when it is hard.

    • Rhonda S Rhonda S on Jun 03, 2017
      Thank you, Jeanie. I hunted all over town and didn't find a cake pan I wanted to use for this (no yard sales the days I was looking, and no access to a thrift store right now) but I came across some $1 flying discs (cheap versions of the brand name Frisbee) that will work. Concrete was not workable. The bags were way too much material (60 pounds, and I need only 2 or 3) and the concrete in a bucket was nearly $30 premixed. So I picked up a can of Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty (powdered wood filler) for $7, so I will give that a try. Thank you for the suggestion. I'm not doing that exactly, but it gave me some ideas to with which to play.

  • Rhonda S Rhonda S on Jun 03, 2017
    Thanks to all who posted. Here is what I did today: I bought Durham's Rock Hard Wate Putty and a couple of inexpensive flying discs. I used Paint to prepare the text the way I wanted it, then I reversed the image to make the print out "backwards." I taped the text to the outside of the yellow disc (I had to scrape the paint off with a razor blade so I could make it more translucent) and then taped the disc to a window so the bright light acted like a light box. Then I used hot glue to "write" the backward letters. I messed up in a couple of places and had to scrape the letters off and try a second time. When it was cool, I mixed up the powder, and used a paint brush to make sure the material filled in the letters. Then I just mixed up more until it was full. Then I used a "pants hanger" from the cleaners to sort of scrape and level the full disc. It took a couple of hours for it to harden. Then I unmolded it. I'm not completely done, but thank you for the wonderful ideal. I still need to clean it up a little, and mount it on a really solid concrete disc, then seal it with something for outside, and put it out for our little guy. Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration you provided. I'll post the whole thing when I'm finally done.

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    • Rhonda S Rhonda S on Jun 04, 2017
      That's odd. I thought I posted a comment. The Thug fug sounds adorable. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Jun 03, 2017
    We bought a marker for our bird and since we had its cage we use it as a planter. That's hard,so sorry for all of you. But I would try to make a marker in the cake pan and have your son help. You may want to press in the collar with tags on top but in cement so that he will always be close by and not forgotten.

  • Chas' Crazy Creations Chas' Crazy Creations on Jun 04, 2017
    Sorry for your loss. My daughter made one for her guinea pig. We used oil based sharpie markers to write and decorate a rock. After that dried, we sprayed it with acrylic sealer.

    • Rhonda S Rhonda S on Jun 04, 2017
      Thank you! I do plan to incorporate some of your element's into Bugsy's marker.

  • DORLIS DORLIS on Jun 04, 2017
    I use large rocks that cover the grave so animals do not dig him up. Over the years, I have buried over 20 cats and 2 dogs. I live in the country and always have strays or "dump" cats and dogs. As you can guess, I have a large rock garden. Then I plant flowers around them. It always hurts when a furbaby passes and it is nice to have them close by so you can visit them on your tour of the garden. You also might want to put a piece of sculpture on the grave as a special marker.

  • Rhonda S Rhonda S on Jun 04, 2017
    It is kind of you to look after strays. Our Lady was dumped in the alley. She is an affectionate animal. Thank you for the post. I bet your garden is lovely.

  • Rhonda S Rhonda S on Jun 05, 2017

  • KatAych KatAych on Jul 28, 2017
    We buried our cat in our front garden and topped the spot with this memorial we found online. You can also find pet "angel" statues online as well.

  • Rhonda S Rhonda S on Jul 28, 2017
    That is beautiful, dear. As it happens, I did a marker for Bugsy out of concrete. Here is a link to the post I just completed this afternoon:
    Thank you for sharing your marker. Bugsy would have liked it, too.