Asked on Sep 02, 2016

How to make a cat ramp?

Kathy White
by Kathy White
I bought a mobile home and am fencing in a small yard (cat-proofed). I want to make an access ramp from a window that is 5 ft off the ground to the yard. I have a couple of normal sized kitties but one chunky rescued kitty that I don't want to get stuck in it or crash it because of his weight. Any ideas would be a great help. Thank you!
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  • Linda Keser Linda Keser on Sep 04, 2016
    Install a 6 ft. carpet covered post near the window. Your cat , unless older, would love climbing up and down it to/from the window.

  • Kathy White Kathy White on Sep 04, 2016
    I have 2 cats over 18 so that isn't possible for them. But thank you!

  • Mary Morris Mary Morris on Sep 04, 2016
    Would a staggered step work? The cat could jump up about 6" each time. First right, then left to the window.

  • Margaret Margaret on Sep 04, 2016
    Could you cover a piece of plywood with indoor - outdoor carpet? Then attach the "ramp" by sturdy hooks to the window. May have to play round with the angle and you could use large screw hooks at the bottom to keep it in place.

  • William William on Sep 04, 2016
    Lots of pics of steps and ramps. Clock on a pic and it will take you to the site.

  • Millie Millie on Sep 04, 2016
    I think I agree with Margaret on her idea. Make the plywood long enough so the angle isn't so great that the old ones have to struggle. I would recommend sealing the plywood with marine grade polyurethane to water proof it so it lasts longer. Also, at the bottom you could do a shallow trench the width of your plywood, put bricks or rocks down in it, and backfill, to brace the plywood against. As a lover of 5 cats, I applaud your plan to give your fur-babies a safe place outdoors!

  • Kathy White Kathy White on Sep 04, 2016
    Wow you guys are a great help!! Since I'm divorced I have a feeling I will be asking for a lot help. Thanks so much for all the ideas. I will let you know how it goes! 😀😀