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I always felt bad for our big Dalmatian having to hover inches from the floor with his neck stretched out to get to his food. To keep him from having to do this I created an elevated dog feeding station using old children's chairs that were given to us by a friend to help save his back and neck from pain. He's one happy dog and even after years of use he still loves using his feeding station. To see the amazing after and learn how to make your own don't forget to click over to our site. The DIY Village
Drilling a Hole with my favorite Drill!
Cutting a hole with my favorite saw.
Checking the fit!
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  • Tamara Johnson Scherette Tamara Johnson Scherette on Aug 26, 2016
    "To keep the dog's back and neck free from pain, I created an elevated feeding station from child chairs donated by a friend."

  • Sam Sam on Jun 28, 2019

    Hi, I’m in Veterinary research, and not trying to step on anybody’s toes, but in some cases I can’t help but say something. Elevating bowls for dogs (especially dogs with broad chests such as Boxers, Great Danes, Dalmatians etc.) signifantly increases their risk of “Bloat.” If you’ve never heard of bloat, it’s a condition in which a dog eats or drinks quickly and causes their stomach to roll or flip over. It’s almost always fatal within hours. I understand it seems nice to raise their bowls but it’s really in their best interest to eat off the floor