Rustic Log - Dog Bed

by Julie
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From left over scrap wood to deluxe dog bed
When our grandchildren were too little for a bed we used a crib mattress on the floor for them to sleep on when they visited. Our lab really liked the crib mattress too so that is how this bed came about.

We had just built a log sided garage & had a lot of scraps left over. I hate to throw scraps out because I might use them someday. I included the garage picture so you get an idea where the scraps came from on the garage.
dog bed box frame
I measured the crib mattress, (27" x 48") to get my inside dimensions for the box frame. The crib mattress was a garage sale find. I built the box with 4 pieces of 1" x 4" pine to build a base for the crib mattress to sit in. I cut 3- 2" x 4" pieces to use as a support for the bottom of the box.
Then I cut scraps of particle board to fit on top (27" x 48") for the mattress to sit on.
The garage corners had these big logs on each corner but they had cut them down & were notched out so I figured they would be good corner pieces. They are 8" in diameter & 13" tall. Then I cut 3 more 1" x 4" boards to build the back & sides. I screwed them into the logs.
Checking to make sure that the mattress fits & the fur baby approved. Looks like she did!
I then took the trim scraps from around the garage doors & windows to use as trim around the outside edges of the bed & to hide the screws. I nailed these in with finishing nails.
The inside was still unfinished looking so I added more log trim pieces to the inside as well. I put about 3 coats of varnish on. I use crib sheets or make my own to match the decor. Easy to keep clean. Our 13 1/2 year old fur baby died but the new fur baby is enjoying the bed also. It is a perfect fit for our room & also for "the baby." This bed is 6 years old & has now been chewed on a little by this little girl.
Suggested materials:
  • Log wood scraps   (Scraps from newly built log sided garage)
  • 2 x 4 log trim   (scraps from newly built log sided garage)
  • Particle board   (scraps left from newly built garage)
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