Top Ten Holiday Safety Reminders for Pet Owners

Ahhh how quickly the Holidays have arrived. For many of us our family includes our pets &/or they are easily forgotten about by some until something happens. This is taken from our original piece: Safety Sunday Top 10 Holiday pet reminders which is found here:
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I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving
Turkey, Ham... just a small little piece is ok, right? Yes, as long as it is fully cooked, there are no bones, and you do not overdo it. It is best if you fix just a small plate for them & don't allow anyone else to slip them more
Raw foods like cake dough, bread dough… should never be given to your pets – the eggs can carry salmonella & the bread dough can actually cook and expand in their stomachs
The Kitchen & prep area’s… just like kids, you do not want them running around the kitchen while the cooking or setup is going on. Make sure the pot handles are facing in, they are not underfoot while you try to pull the turkey out or
Food placed on the table or left out… should be covered & placed away from the edges to help eliminate the temptation for your pet to follow its natural instincts instead of its training.
Secure your trash… all bags & containers should be sealed and disposed of properly to prevent your pet, or a neighbors pet from having a feast and leaving you another mess to pick up. The major issue besides cleaning up a second time..
Have a lot of company coming over… Consider feeding them away from everyone in a nice quite area, taking them for a nice long walk before company shows up, and allow them to have a nice corner where they can go to relax by themselves
Decorations… Cornucopia (Horn of Plenty), mistletoe, small ornaments, tinsel, candles, Christmas trees, etc… all can pose issues with your pets. Not only should you avoid tempting them with food left out that might not be good for them
Fireworks and other loud noises… Your animals have sensitive ears and can be extremely frightened or stressed out by the fireworks going off. It is best that they are kept inside, in some cases with the TV on.
Parades & outdoor events… While many people love bringing their pets to parades and other festivities, it might be best to consider leaving them at home. The amount of people, kids wanting to crowd in & pet them... can stress them out
Tags, shots, & other pet care… Not only should you always make sure that your pets shots are up to date, but make sure they are wearing their tags in case someone leaves the door open, they get spooked, take a nip at someone or try...
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  • Elizabeth Dwyer Simpson Elizabeth Dwyer Simpson on Dec 09, 2013
    Thank you for the head's up. It's so important to protect our precious critters. I really like the idea of taking a nice long walk before company arrives.