2x4 Snowmen Porch Decor

Need to add a little cuteness to your front porch? These sweet little snowmen will make all your guests smile!
Cut your 2x4's and your 2x6 to size and give them a good sanding along the edges. You can make them any height you wish - I made quite a few different ones at all different sizes.

Once you have them cut, paint them all. I painted all my snowmen white and stained my 2x6 bases just for a bit more dimension. You can do yours however you would like.
Paint on your faces. I am not very good at freehanding things like this, so I drew them on with a pencil and then followed the lines. Once your faces have dried, spray your snowmen with an acrylic sealer to help protect the paint a bit more.
Pre-drill all your holes. D.rill the entire way through your 2x6 and about an inch into your 2x4. Once you have them pre-drilled - attach screws from the bottom of your 2x6 into your 2x4. Make sure your screws are long enough to go through all the wood.
For your "hat" you will need a little glove. Put the glove on your snowmans head and gather it at the top and tie a knot. Now you have a hat! For the scarf, I got a cheap scarf from the dollar store and cut it in half. You could easily use ribbon or any scrap material you have at home. You can also nail on a special little sign if you would like.

Display them on your porch or gift them to someone else - either way they will make all the visitors smile!

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