A Touch of Rustic Elegance at Every Place Setting...Sweet Twig Vases!

Doodle T and Me!
by Doodle T and Me!
3 Materials
30 Minutes

Fast and Easy to Make...Free...Simple Elegance...Perfect for Your Spring Table...Tiny Twig Vases. Yes!

Your Materials:

Twigs from Your Yard. 5 inches long...more or less.

2 Plastic Cups for Each Place Setting - 8 to 10 oz. cups.

Hot Glue.

Tiny Cut Flowers

2 Clear Plastic 10 oz. Cups for each vase.

Clear plastic cups...Amazon LINK.

Step 1: Stack 2 cups for each vase...this gives a bit more stability and height to the vase.

Step 2: Trace the cups on a paper plate.

I traced the length of the cup on a paper plate for an easy guide to judge the length of the twigs that I will need.

The plate is used to collect the twigs and a quick measure of how the twigs will look when on the cup.

Step 3: Go outside and Collect dried Twigs. Stack the twigs on the paper plate.

One heaping plate of twigs will easily make 4 twig vases.

Step 4: Assemble - Hot Glue the Twigs to the cups.

I found the large glue sticks work best for this project...just be careful not to touch the glue.

Hot Glue Gun with Large Glue Sticks...Amazon LINK.

To keep the cups stable, make sure the twigs are flush with the table.

The tops of the twigs can be any length...to the cup rim or above the rim...change it up to look natural.

The hot glue and clear cups will become invisible once the glue dries...Almost as if by magic, the twig vase will emerge. :)

Make one vase for each place setting...

The twigs will tell you where they wish to be placed on the cups...

Step 5: Fill the vase: I picked some Vinca with tiny purple flowers to fill each vase.

Step 6: Fill each vase 1/2 full with cool water.

Pop in the flowers...You're Ready to set a delightful Spring Table!

Each vase takes no more than 10 minutes to create!

Happy Spring!

So Easy to Make...So Lovely to See and Smell...Perfectly Perfect!

For All the Magic...Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

Suggested materials:
  • Twigs   (Outside in the Yard)
  • 10 oz. clear plastic cups   (Amazon)
  • Tiny Spring Flowers   (Outside in the Yard)
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