Creating Pine Cone Flowers for Fall Decorating

Create these beautiful and unique pine cone flowers to accent mason jars and vases creating the perfect fall decor for your home. You can use pine cones found in your yard or bought at a craft store.
We created these beautiful pine cone flowers to embellish the ever popular mason jars. Creating unique fall vases and centerpieces.
Adhere the pine cone petals in a floral design of your choice. See the full tutorial for cutting the pine cones apart on our blog.
We used jute twine and leather to wrap the mason jars before adhering the pine cone flowers.
These pine cone flower vases would be perfect for your fall decor and then onto Thanksgiving.
Trish & Bonnie {Uncommon Designs}
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  • Kathy Rivers Morand Kathy Rivers Morand on Jul 23, 2016
    How do you slice the pine cones ? Do you use a small blade or little saw?

  • Becky Fields Becky Fields on Oct 22, 2018

    How do u cut those pine cones... never realized they were that hard ..

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  • Lak8291831 Lak8291831 on Aug 11, 2016
    Please! soak those outdoor pine cones in a mild detergent/bleach solution, spray with a clear lacquer, or spray with paint before bringing inside. The cones are full of bugs/bug eggs/bird lice, etc. and so will your house be if this 'trick' is not performed. I collected cones for a huge basket next to my fireplace (yes they make great fire starters when dried), and found out the hard way!

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    • Lak8291831 Lak8291831 on Sep 20, 2019

      Only other way I know is to place on lined cookie sheets and bake them in a low temperature oven for several hours. (I have not tried this, as I don't want anything more to do with bugs!) You might try this trick on an outdoor grill- just keep the heat low otherwise you will just burn the cones (but deletes the bug problem).

  • Boo9756362 Boo9756362 on Sep 10, 2016
    #1. after a medium size cone is completely dry, use a toothpick to push green glitter pipe cleaners into the cones and drape like a holiday tree, gluing where needed. then glue tiny red or gold beads sporadically as tho they are ornaments. get a wooden box (i used an old small cigar box) and paint it the color you want. drill a hole in the top, dead center. Then, using a box of tiny tiny lights that are only for a wreath or something small and run on two AA batteries, thread the lights up thru the hole from the inside of the box and again drape and push them into the cone like lights on a holiday tree, gluing where necessary. glue the bottom of the cone to the box top, covering the hole. turn the lights on, close the box and go "OOOOHHH". (if you really have to have it, glue and glitter can go on it too.) #2, i just take any kind of cording, ribbon, gold anything (lol) and after drying well tie the material around the cone as close to the bottom as i can, knot, and tie another......i drape them over curtain rods, weave them in and out of stair rails, add with green bread ties to any wreath, etc... i have tiny cones from Oregon, giant cones from the Redwoods in Cali, from all over the place. and they are years old and still beautiful. store with moth bolls to keep any mice or bugs out over the summer while they are stored in a shed outside. :-)