DIY LIGHT-UP SNOWMAN Using Dollar Tree Items

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I posted this LIGHT UP SNOWMAN DIY on my TikTok page and they absolutely loved it. So today I will be showing all my friends here on Hometalk.

I hope you Enjoy.


Glass Candle Holders

To start off you will need 3 Glass Bowl Candle holders from Dollar Tree or you can use whatever you would like to use or have on hand.

For the bottom of the Snowman I used 2 types of Dollar Tree Faux snow. The flaky glitter kind and the little ball kind. I mix both the snows together then filled one of the Round glass Candle Holders to the top.

Then I add some E600 glue and Hot Glue to the lip on the Candle Holder, then placed the Second Candle Holder on top of that one. So now you have 2 Parts of the Snowman.

I painted a few of the little Bottle Brush Trees with my white Chalk paint. You can use just about any white paint for this.

I added the Trees and Little Red Truck from Dollar Tree by adding a little hot glue to them and placing them inside the Candle Holder. Then just like the first one add some E6000 and Hot glue then add the last Candle Holder to the top.

Cut this Flour sack towel for Dollar Tree into a strip big enough to be a scarf for you snowman. The length/size depends on how long you want your snowman's scarf.

Then I just simply tied the scarf onto the Snowman.

Snowman Hat

This little Hat Ornament I got from Walmart for $1.98 But Dollar Tree has them in different colors/designs.

To get the snowman to light up I used one of these Dollar Tree LED PUSH LIGHTS

I then Hot glued the light to the bottom of the Hat. Now just place the hat onto the Snowman. Do not glue it down. You want to be able to turn the light on and off plus change the batteries.

Now you can put the face onto your snowman. I got these face stickers off of Etsy but I now have them on my Amazon Store. You could also use a paint pen or paint the face on.

This adorable Light Up Snowman is done.

I truly hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you.

Here is the video tutorial and 2 more Stunning Dollar Tree DIY'S using Dollar Tree LED Push Lights.

Here is my Amazon Affiliate Storefront. I do the the Snowman face stickers link on my store.

Suggested materials:
  • 3 Glass Bowl Candle Holders   (Dollar Tree)
  • Faux Snow   (Dollar Tree)
  • Little Farmhouse Red Truck   (Dollar Tree)
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