DIY Winter Floral Arrangement for the Garden Table

4 Materials
45 Minutes

An Easy and Inexpensive winter floral Centerpiece Idea that will last until Spring on your Table. I have been wanting to make a winter-inspired flower arrangement since I packed away all the Christmas stuff and the house has been feeling so empty and bare. I felt like our home needed little extra to us all up. When I am standing at my kitchen sink I can see out into my garden and our garden table is right in front of that window. The winter months in the Netherlands are usually grey and dreary so I thought a little extra oomph for that table would just be the thing to help me ignore the dullness of the winter months and help me remember that ‘this too will pass’. Since it is winter and there might be storms and freezing colds I decided to make a some creative garden decor that would last and that was safe from the influence of weather and time.

Making a floral arrangement for your garden table requires only a few easy steps.


  • Container sturdy enough to form the counter balance for your arrangement. I used an old metal urn but a heavy weight garden planter would work too.
  • Dry floral foam (also called Oasis), when working with faux materials use the dry floral foam that can be used without water.
  • Wire clippers for cutting the stems of the faux flowers and greenery to size (check the video to see why you need some heavy duty clippers ).
  • Faux greenery (I used leafy greens, evergreen pine branches, faux eucalyptus stems and soft grey lambs ears).
  • Flowers of choice ( I used roses and amaryllis)
  • Embellishments (I used painted pinecone floral picks and little sticks on a floral pick but these faux cotton pods would have worked great too)
  • For styling the arrangement on my garden table use an assortment of pinecones, nuts and small candle holders in matching colors (I used oversized pinecones and white votive holders).
Gather your materials and define the style of your centerpiece


Step 1: Gather materials

I used a wide variety of artificial greenery and flowers

Step 2: Start by setting the outline of your piece

Determine the width and height of your design.

Start by determining the outline of your arrangement

step 3: EMPHASIzE the outline by adding flowers

Make groupings of the flowers and echo them in several places (I explain this in more detail in the video you can find in the post)

Next use your faux flowers to add weight and body to your arrangement

Step 4: Add more greenery and a few embellishments to fill out your floral design

Keep adding different greenery until your floral arrangement becomes lush and full.

Combine variations in color and shape in your greenery to give your arrangement more character

Step 5: Fill the empty spots

Make sure that all the oasis is covered. Keep turning your arrangement and look at it from all angles. Use itty bitty bits of greenery or small embellishments like pinecones to fill up empty spots.

Place your arrangement on its designated spot and add some additional styling elements around it to make it truly shine.

Step 6: Place your arrangement in its designated spot

Once I have placed my arrangement in its final location I usually take another close look and a look from a distance. I make some last little changes and then move on to additional styling.

Add some additional styling to your arrangement when you put it in its final destination.

I am so happy with how this floral arrangement on my garden table turned out. It is what I see first and foremost whenever I am standing at my sink in my kitchen. It lights up my mood no matter how gloomy the weather may be.

For more details on the steps and for the link to the full tutorial video go to the original post.

Craft along with me. See me create this winter centerpiece and let me explain all my little steps.

See the full video here

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Suggested materials:
  • Faux flowers
  • Faux evergreens
  • Dry floral foam
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