Fall and Halloween Art

by Roberta
3 Materials
15 Minutes

I have been racking my brain on how I could recycle old canvas art. I buy them usually just for the frames and feel bad just throwing the canvas away. Until now. I needed something to fill in my porch display and came up with an easy project!

I started with the old canvas and wooden cut outs from Dollar Tree. I also bought felt ones that I'll show you in the after photos as well.

I decided that two of them would fill up the space nice.

I painted over the design on the canvas with some chalk paint I had on hand. I would have used spray paint if I had it in orange. No need to get fancy since this will mostly get covered anyway.

Lay your wooden cutout where you want it, then lightly spray your top coat over everything. I used black.

Let it dry before removing the cutouts. That way it doesn't smear the design.

Lightly take off the cutouts (in case it is still wet on the edges) and let dry thoroughly.

Then decorate! 😁 I should mention that I have this on a covered porch. Not sure it would hold up without protection from the rain.

And since it's not quite time for Halloween decorating, I made another with a fall theme. This was done the same way except with a Dollar Tree felt cutout.

Suggested materials:
  • Wood cutouts   (Dollar Tree)
  • Spray paint   (Home Depot)
  • Canvas   (Any thrift shop)
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