Fall Decor Inspiration

by Blindsgalore
Wouldn’t it be magic if we could capture the long languid days of sun. So many memories we have collected to stuff in a jar. Preserving particular moments is bittersweet at this time of the year and my thoughts turn to the Mason Jar as a poignant touchstone to the past and a new icon of today. If only we could put time in a bottle, but the onset of Autumn grants us time to fill the cupboards of our lives anew.
With a little bit of chalk paint, spray paint, string, ribbon, decals, lights, candles, this inexpensive glass jar is transformed. Our vintage obsessed, DIY, Shabby Chic, boho, simple, country design mode has turned the Mason Jar into a decor-inspired object.
You cannot open a shelter or home magazine today without seeing Mason Jars designed in every way imaginable and they have come a long way from being a crafty, easy vase for fresh flowers. I can only show you a few of the inventive ways our design gurus have treated this newly sainted icon of DIY.
Lanterns and lights are crafted into amazing containers of sparkle.
For your fall inspiration, Mason Jars are ready for your autumn colors and seasonal designs. We came across these mason jars on the R & R Workshop Blog. You can see the steps to creating them here: http://www.randrworkshop.com/2013/10/halloween-mason-jar-lanterns-tutorial.html
With our modern take on Mason Jars, I do think it is ironic that the part of the Jar that was so revolutionary, the lid, is often discarded as an afterthought, but the idea of preserving and cherishing the past never goes out of style. Here’s to John Mason for giving us a whole new look in a jar. Thank you!
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