Flakes the Snowman

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I moved to South Carolina 5 years ago from Pennsylvania. I can't say I miss the snow, but I do miss snowmen.
I started with 2 matching car tires. Painted them with Valspar paint/primer white. EDIT*****Get your tires for FREE by going to any "tire guy" and asking if you could take a few of their old/used tires. They have to PAY to remove them - I always get big smiles and and a PLEASE DO! So, if they want to charge you, go to the next guy!
Got a little Tractor tire - painted that white too!
Found a Motorcycle tire - I painted that one in Nautical. Again I used Valspar's Paint/Primer.
This is part of his scarf. I also painted it in Nautical. This was made by cutting a piece of inner tube in the shape of a scarf, the knot is also a piece of inner tube and it's "tied" together with a screw. Seriously, it works!
Found a big bouncy ball (the ones you buy kids in Walmart). Painted that white!
A friend of mine had some extra rebar AND he can weld! According to him - super easy. They got painted in Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer.
I added his adorable facial features with some leftover oil based paint I had on hand (except the orange - I did have to buy that!). Time to put his buttons on and access the electricity. It's alive! It's alive!!!

I figured out a way to secure his head! Get a scrap piece of 2x4. I braided some twine that I had on hand, tied it around the 2x4, glued the other end to the bottom of Flakes' head. I used RapidFuse by DAP (find it at Lowe's) to glue it. It sets in 30 secs (very similiar to super glue, so watch your fingers!) and it's interior/exterior.
Drop the 2x4 into the opening and set his head on top. If your string is too long, it's ok, you can "roll" the 2x4 to pick up the slack.

Curious about his summer job? Check him out here:


Flakes got a Halloween Costume! Check him out here:
Now I'm going shopping for a Top Hat. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Flakes! Flakes is more than a pretty face - Come spring - his "body" is easily removed so that I can plant Potatoes.
Suggested materials:
  • P235/70 R16 Car tires   (Tire guy)
  • 20.5x8.0-10 Tractor tire   (Tire guy)
  • 4.8 - 12 Motorcycle tire   (Tire Guy)
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  • Paul Bunch Paul Bunch on Dec 03, 2016
    What you are calling a motorcycle tire looks like a trailer tire. Rim diameter too small for a motorcycle.

  • Meredith Black Meredith Black on Dec 04, 2016
    I assume the rebar was for arms but don't see any. did you use it for something else?

  • Bonnie Hawbaker Skiba Bonnie Hawbaker Skiba on Dec 04, 2016
    How did you secure the bouncy ball to the top tire?

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  • Linda Cogdell Rector Linda Cogdell Rector on Oct 03, 2020

    Your Flakes the snowman was so cute. Do you have suggestions as to how to turn him into a scarecrow?

  • Debi Debi on Dec 01, 2021

    Couldn't connect the link for spring and fall Flakes. guess I'll have to type it in. Can't wait to see it