The colors orange and yellow along with potted Mums are synonymous with the fall season, but they are not the only way to go when it comes to fall container plantings. Why not try some fresh planting combinations and color schemes this fall?
Consider adding some Pansies in with your Mums. 'Icicle' Pansies can be planted in the fall and will last right up until the first snow flies.

Here the the orange accent on the pansies compliments color of the Mums, making them an attractive pairing for a container.
Also included in this container planting are some herbs, a house plant and an ornamental cabbage.
Sweet Potato Vine makes a nice "spiller" in any container. Here lime colored Potato Vine looks great in contrast to Mums, Pansies and a dark Ornamental Pepper. (Sweet Potato Vine should last up until the first hard frost.)
Do consider the color of the container you are going to use in relation to the planting material. The dark pot used in this planting really creates a nice backdrop for the vibrant reds and greens in this planting.
Raid the topical houseplant section at your local nursery or big box store for plants with fall colors. Here a Croton has been used to great effect in this orange and yellow themed container.
For good color Crotons need full sun and evenly moist soil. Keep in mind that this is a tropical plant and it will feel the effects of fall temperatures.

You can either treat your Croton plant as a short-lived annual in your fall container planting, or alternatively, if the temperature drops below 40 degrees, you can lift your Croton from the container and bring it indoors. (Spray your plant with a little insecticidal soap and wash the leaves to make sure there are no passengers before you bring it indoors.)
Coxcomb flowers slightly wacky and very colorful addition to any fall container and will last right up until the first hard frost.
Ornamental peppers are yet another fun, colorful option to include in your fall containers.
One of the best choices for containers are ornamental cabbages. I have had them last well into Novemeber with little or no frost damage.
Just because its fall doesn't mean that you have to stick to an orange, red and yellow color pallette. This Celosia plant makes a great jumping off point for a color scheme that includes Mums, Ornamental Peppers and Ornamental Cabbages.
Herbs like Sage and parsley are great foliage options for fall containers. Both herbs can handle a fair bit of cold temperatures.
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