Front Porch Makeover - Seasonal Decorating Made Easy

by Ene19230
I like to decorate the front porch for each season. This Fall our weather has been unseasonally warm so my Fall decorations went up late. I have used many of the same elements I had in my summer front porch display. I didn't want to buy anything else for decorating so the only thing I spent money on is the pumkins and broom straw that were on sale and I paid about $10.00 for all of them. This Fall display has the bones for the Christmas decorations that will go up after Thanksgiving. All I have to do is remove the Fall elelments and replace them with Christmas elements. I left the dirt in the pots after removing the Morning Glories to anchor the Christmas floral designs. I will pour water into the pots to freeze the greenery in place as the weather turns colder since we can get strong winds during storms. I have one more element to add to my display after I make it. I will be making a banner that says give thanks on it. It will be placed on the stoop beside the door. I will post how I made it and a photo of it here when it's done.
After: This is my favorite milk can with the Fall floral arrangement I make each year. The branches in the background remain for my Christmas floral design.
Before: Little by little I began removing the last vestages of summer from my front porch. I hated to see it go! I really didn't want to say goodbye to the Morning Glories that filled my garden arch!
Before: My Gerbera Daisies that were so lovely over the summer died but I dug up the bulbs to replant them in the spring.
After: In these pots I used broom straw and pumkins to accent the garden arch now that it is missing the beautiful Morning Glories and then added some silk kale and decorative grass around them to fill in.
After: I used the large galvanized steel tub that I store the hose in for the summer as a stage for the pumpkin display on the left side of the photo. The scarecrows are probably my favorite decoration. They are about 4 years old and have held up pretty well considerig the elements here. However, I did have to use duct tape to make them some new shoes this year.
After: I played around with the placement of everything until it was all exactly where I wanted it. I traded out the Gerbera Daises with silk bundles so that they won't lose their color before I'm ready to do the Christmas decorating.
After: This is my Thanksgiving harvest display. I am grateful for the bountiful harvest given to us by God! I count my blessings daily.
After: The harvest is bountiful!
After: These scarecrows are my favorite element of my Fall decorations. I have had them for about 4 years now and they haven't fallen apart yet - though I did have to make new shoes for them with Duct tape.
After: Pumkins of all sizes give this pot a bit of color and character. The harvest is plentiful!
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  • Hannah V Hannah V on Nov 09, 2015
    I love your decorations! Your home is so charming!

    • Ene19230 Ene19230 on Nov 09, 2015
      Thank you for your kind comments Hannah. It's so much fun to see what ideas others have. I have enjoyed seeing your ideas and look forward to trying some of the projects you have shared. By the way, I love your porfile picture!