Frugal DIY Winter Wreath

2 Materials
2 Hours

Use what you have, get creative, recycle, repurpose and try something new are always foremost in my mind when I craft! I owe inspiration to another hometalk post for this wreath, thank you for sharing it first!

You'll need a wire clothes hanger, plumbing insulation, shopping bags, Shake n Bake coating mix bag and one blue recycling bag along with the snowflake accent.

Hubby cut and curved the hanger for me and even created a closure hook!

I cut off the bottom edge first and stretched the bags out to get the better cuts with no print on them, I wanted solid white only. The straps were roughly 13-14 inches in length and varying widths according to the store logos the had printed on them.

The plumbing insulation gave a little more of a tube look like a pool noodle does while the metal hanger gave it strength and structure. It was secured with tape in places along the slit line that it is purchased with. I just tied each individual plastic strip into in a knot onto the tube. As for the colors I just eyeballed when I'd add in a pop of blue or the clear bags leftover from the chicken coating mix. I never use them, I use a larger bag that I have on hand and these are always pushed in a drawer for some other use . They appeared as ice to me so I used them all up on my wreath.

Here you see it hanging in my craft room, tying completed but it needed an accent?.

A large styrofoam Snowflake was added to the centre, it had a ribbon to hang it from so I just tied it to the top of the wreath form.

Costs were the plumbing foam and the snowflake which amounted to about $5 so I felt fine about putting it outside in the horrible weather we get here during Winter! Bonus: If the wreath knocks about on my door during wide weather, it's silent with the soft materials used and when it gets filled with snow I shake it and it's all good as new again!

Suggested materials:
  • Snowflake   (Dollar store)
  • Plumbing Pipe Insulation   (Hardware Store)
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  • Sherry Grateful Fuller Sherry Grateful Fuller on Mar 31, 2017
    A pool noodle seems so big and bulky. Like the small pipe cover better ! Did with spring color fabric pieces. Ty

  • Dorotheaprine1968 Dorotheaprine1968 on Nov 05, 2019

    I also used left over quilting fabric in winter colors and patterns. I had on hand a wire circle from an old wreath. The form was not needed as I cut the fabric in a way that it could be tied to the framework. Next one will be an Easter one with plastic eggs. Nice idea I loved it.