Holiday Fleece or Felt Covers for Treat Jars

Stacy Davis
by Stacy Davis
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This idea came about because my teenage daughter was giving her Secret Santa jars of candy in a Homegoods fabric storage basket. The four jars would bump together if they didn't have some type of padding for transporting. I decided to problem-solve this with cute packaging. I made little fleece bags that fit the jars snuggly. This is also an idea that can be customized to cover all the holidays. A fun gift idea could be to give someone a Snowman in December or January with additional holiday covers inside. That way they can change up their jar with the changing seasons and holidays.
I used smooth sided pint jars from Walmart. (Mainstays brand) I added peel-n-stick chalk vinyl labels.
I gathered some items that would create a snow man. Those fluffy boas just happened to be 70% off, so they were less than a dollar apiece. I plan on using them for Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day, too.
I cut my fleece 10 3/4 by 7 1/4. It is folded over in this picture.
I added buttons in the middle and two inches from the top.
I place my fleece wrapped around the jar and pin it. This usually gives me a good fit. If it is too loose, I just sew another line just a smidge in. With right sides together(this particular fleece had a wrong and a right side, some don't). I sewed the bottom and the one open side. (The other side is folded over.)
For the hat, I used a 2 inch circle and a 3 inch circle for the bottom of the hat. I decided to add a larger circle (4 inches) to the 3 inch circle to give the hat a floppier look. (And since the hat was already glued to the pom pom when I decided to make the bottom bigger, I cut a giant hole in the center of the 4 inch circle. Then I just slide the top of the hat through the hole. Worked like a charm.) The rectangle was 6 1/4 by 2 1/2 inches.

I cut tiny slits on both long sides. I sewed up the short side, folded the slits to the inside and added glue to the top of the slits. I placed the small circle on top. I followed the same for the bottom and added the large circle. The scarf is a red piece of felt or fleece 1 1/4 wide and 16 inches long. I cut slits in the ends like fringe.
In this picture, you can see the bottom of the hat is quite small. That is why I recommend a 4 inch circle. I ended up cutting mine not in a perfect circle shape it is shorter in the front than the sides. I liked it that way.
For the arms, I used jute twine braided with two strands of beading wire added. I wanted to be able to pose the arms. I am not sure of the gauge of the wire but I easily cut it with household scissors. I knotted one end and braided it ending with another knot. I braided until I had about 14 inches between the knots.
I cut off the knots and cut 4 mitten shapes.
You can add the mittens before or after you thread the arms through the fleece. If you add them after, you can make smaller slits for the arms.
I added the mittens to the ends with glue and clipped them until they were dry. I cut a length of the fluffy boa and just tucked it in the top. It is about 12 or 13 inches.
I made the pom pom with the 2 1/2 inch Clover Pom Pom Maker. The eyes are tiny black felt circles, the nose is a piece of orange fleece and the mouth is black puffy paint. I added a ribbon and flower to the hat because it reminded me of the old Frosty the Snowman movie. These were fun to make. Rest assured, I will have many more versions in the future.
Happy Holidays!
And if you are looking for Valentine inspiration, might I suggest a cute little lovebug? You can find my tutorial for Pom Pom animals at this link...
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  • Fleece
  • Buttons
  • Jute twine
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