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Today, I am going to be sharing with you how to made a budget-friendly DIY scarecrow for your fall décor. If you love a good upcycle/recycle craft, you have to give this fun fall scarecrow DIY a try. Not only is this scarecrow craft super cute, it is a very budget-friendly DIY. This cute fall décor DIY would be a fun kid craft as well! Did I mention this adorable scarecrow is made from…a Pringles can?!

Materials needed:

  • Mini Pringles can that has been cleaned
  • Empt Jell-O cup that has been cleaned
  • brown, white, & orange paint
  • black fabric marker or sharpie
  • Blush
  • Material scraps or jean scraps
  • burlap
  • twine
  • raffia
  • sunflower embellishments
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks

Step 1. Take a small can of empty Pringles chips. Mix a white shade of paint and a beige/tan shade of paint together until you get a sand-like color. I used Apple Barrel paints for this. Use this paint mixture to paint over the entire outside of the can of Pringles. Use a heat gun to dry. If anything is still showing through the paint, you may need to give the can a second coat, and then dry.

Step 2. Glue an empty snack size container of applesauce/pudding/jello upside down onto the Pringles can lid, this will be the top/hat for your Scarecrow.

Step 3. Take some strands of raffia and place them over the top center of the Pringles can, allowing strands to hang down over the sides of the can, secure the lid over the raffia, this will resemble the straw hair for your Scarecrow. Trim away the excess raffia so that the strands hanging on each side of the can are about the same length of the can.

Step 4. Take some burlap fabric and hot glue it around the top/hat of the Scarecrow made form the empty container of applesauce/pudding/jello. Repeat this process so you have two layers of burlap fabric going around the Scarecrow’s top/hat.

Step 5. Tie some twine around the top of the burlap fabric, making a little bow in the center of the burlap, allowing some burlap to be bunched up at the very top. This will be the Scarecrow’s beanie/hat.

Step 6. Use a black marker, or fabric pen, and draw on two eyes for the Scarecrow.

Step 7. Using orange Apple Barrel paint, take a very fine paint brush and paint a triangle nose. Use a heat gun to dry.

Step 8. Use a black marker, fabric pen, and draw on a mouth. Dry with heat gun.

Step 9. Using white Appel Barrel paint, place two tiny white dots inside the eyes you drew on earlier with a black marker.

Step 10. Using some cosmetic blush, take a q-tip and gently brush on some blush for the cheeks.

Step 11. Take an old pair of jeans, or some material of your liking, and cut out a small square patch and hot glue onto the Scarecrow’s top/hat. How glue a few sunflower embellishments onto the Scarecrow’s burlap top/hat as well. Feel free to be creative and use what you like for this part!

Step 12. Using the same old jeans, cut out a strip of denim long enough to circle around the bottom of the Scarecrow. Do not cut the strip too wide. Secure the denim around the bottom of the Scarecrow using hot glue. Then, hot glue a small sunflower embellishment, or an embellishment of your liking, to the bottom of the Scarecrow, over the denim. Allow to dry. Enjoy!

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If you decide to make this DIY I’d love to hear from ya! You can drop a comment below or message me on any of my social media pages. Hope you have a blessed weekend and as always remember to keep it simple. Catch ya next week my friends! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, youtube



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