DIY Outdoor Snowman Using Plastic Nursery Pots

Rhonda B
by Rhonda B
Have I told you how much I love repurposing things? Well, I do. I feel that it is fun and interesting to come up with ways to reuse items that might normally be discarded. So last week I challenged myself to reuse some of those plastic nursery pots I have stored under my deck. Of course, I had to be "seasonal" so I created a snowman with them. You could make something besides a snowman-perhaps a Santa or a Christmas tree. Here is a picture of my completed project:
Just like most of my projects this one is super easy and cheap:-)) For this you will need:

1. 3 nursery pots in different sizes

2. Spray paint-white and black (I use Rustoleum 2 in 1 with primer)

3. A good weather resistant glue (I used Gorilla Glue)

4. Some tape-I used duct tape

5. 2 sticks for arms

6. A hat and scarf

7. A few landscape staples
Begin by gluing your pots together upside down-start with the largest on the bottom, medium in the middle and smallest on top. Follow the manufacturer's directions for your glue.
Let the glue set for the recommended amount of time. I weighted mine down on top with a gallon filled with water to make sure there was a good seal. When the "tower" is dry cover the weep holes with tape. Try to make it smooth (mine wasn't). You can also cut off the extra glue if you want to.
When you are done taping up the holes you can begin painting it white. Be sure to do this in a well ventilated area.
Let the snowman dry. Give it a second coat of white paint if you can see the base color. After the snowman is totally dry take the black and paint on his face and coal buttons. I used spry paint by spraying it on cardboard first then dipping my brush in. You can use acrylics for this if you would like.
After his face is dry he you can add the hat and scarf and take him outside. I used the landscape staples I made from hangers to secure him to the ground-he is light.
If you want your snowman to have arms cut slits in the sides to shove sticks in.
After his arms are in he is all done. Here is mine sitting in my front flower bed.
This project is super easy and fun to boot. I hope you give this a try. For more pictures of this project stop by my blog!
Rhonda B
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