How to Make a Winter Wreath From Wood Slices!

Sherre M
by Sherre M
I love making home decor that comes from nature! Every morning, I take my fur babies for a walk in the neighborhood park, it has trails that wind thru the woods. This past weekend I noticed that the parks department had cut down some trees to clear some new paths, whoohoo!!! The creative juices started flowing!
I went back to the house, got my local Lumber Jack, "aka my husband" and loaded up some of the wood. He sliced the wood into 1/2 inch thick slices. I actually was going to do a wall in my bedroom with an old iron hearth I found in the garbage, " yes I'm not above dumpster diving in the name of art, & it's FREE!! As I was looking at my slices, & playing with them, I got an idea to glue them together & make a wreath.
I first glued one circle, then stacked & glued another & then a third making my wreath. I used a glue gun & then once all was good & together, I reinforce with LOCTITE GO2 gel glue .
Then I just decorated with some burlap ribbon & string I had on hand, just hot glue onto the wood.
I made a little Pom Pom by wrapping it around my hand, secured it in the middle & then cut. All hot glued to the wood .
I ended up making two, one for my front door & one for over the fireplace . After the ribbon was attached, I glued some flowers to give it even more dimension! This is an easy & thrifty way to bring nature inside this winter!
Front door wreath!
Mirror over fireplace !
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  • Lovesunique Lovesunique on Sep 05, 2018

    Adding the metal stars didn't hurt either! Now what about the iron hearth idea?

  • Lisa Lisa on Oct 02, 2018

    Did you have to treat the wood with any special protective sealant?

  • StaJ StaJ on Jan 29, 2019

    I'm curious, along with some of the other commenters, how did you address the wood drying and splitting issue? My other half cuts and splits firewood and I tend to cherry pick favorite pieces before sale for my craft profects. He just cut me about a dozen 'cookies' (wood slices) about 3 weeks ago. I wasn't able to get the preservative on them until late the next day. Now, every single piece is split in multiple places, many all the way down to the center. I adore your wreath and have a nearly endless supplies in which to create them, I just need your anti-split secret. Then again, as a twist, it might look cool to have the splits in there for additional texture and extra places to tuck a wildflower here and there. You'd have to wait until it split before gluing or you might wake to wreath chunks on your floor. Please let us in on what you know. We promise to keep your secret. 🤐😉

    Also, after hanging for a while, does the glue hold tight or would you recommend using a wreath frame for security and easy hanging? Thank you for the beautiful, super creative, use what you have available to decorate DIY. I'm eager to try it! I appreciate it. Have a happy, creative day! Stacey

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