Inexpensive Center Pieces .

1 Material
5 Minutes
This is a very simple DIY that will warm up any space and it's very inexpensive to make . Your going to Add coffee beans to the bottom of any base and then to top it off with popcorn kernels and a artificial pumpkin for a harvest feel that freshens any space . All of these items can be purchased at a dollar tree.
First you choose a vase of your liking , size nor shape doesn't matter .
After choosing a vase of your liking you place coffee beans at the bottom of your vase to give any space a warm feel and smell. Obviously the bigger the jar the more beans your going to add and you want it to cover the bottom very well .
Once you have your coffee beans to the height you like and you can now smell the difference in your space , begin to add kernels on the top . Not only will the contrast in color between the beans kernels already make you feel festive but it begins to take shape .
the very last step is to add your artificial or real miniature pumpkin on top. If you choose too you can also add a ribbon to the exterior of your vase and small suttle pieces near it . In this pic I choose pine cones which too can be purchased at the dollar tree and more pumpkins . It's truly a conversation piece at any event or home .
Suggested materials:
  • Coffee beans , popcorn kernels and artificial pumpkin   (Dollar tree)
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