Make a Seasonal Porch Welcome Sign From a Fence Slat

Want to add an easy and inexpensive decorative porch welcome sign for the fall and coming seasons? Use a $1.64 wood fence slat to easily create a stand to hang a decorative sign and display it on your porch or in your yard with a base of flowers.
Hang purchased letters or banners, like our cute fall welcome sign from Hobby Lobby, or use it to hold wreaths, flags, or more flowers - all without having to nail into your siding, making this a great option for renters.
This quick and easy DIY sign is the perfect solution when you can not or do not want to attach decorative art work or signs to your porch columns or home.
You only need a fence slat, a base, and two supports with both ends cut at 45 degrees as shown at right.

Cut the fence slat to the size you need based on how you will use it. I cut a few inches off of ours so it would fit nicely on our porch. Use the piece you cut (or another piece of fence slat) to make the base. Make it long enough to be able to place a heavy object (potted plant, decorative rock, etc.) to hold it in place.
It's a simple process to drill pilot holes and attach the wood pieces with screws. You can stain it or paint it, too, to coordinate with your house or decor.
I inserted a screw at the top in order to hang our autumn welcome sign and placed a potted mum on the base to hold everything in place. It would be so easy to change out the decorating for all the seasons and holidays!

As always, find all the steps in more detail on our site at the url below - happy fall!
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