Make Fall Glass Jar Vases

Cheryl C
by Cheryl C
I have been collecting glass jars and decided to make some fall vases with them to put some colorful fall flowers in. Most crafters like to use mason jars, but really any old glass jar will do. If you want, you can even mix and match different size glass jars to make your fall vases.
Colorful Fall Jar Vases
Materials for the glass jar vases
Materials Needed:

4 Glass Jars (Any kind will do. Mix or match them - whatever suits your fancy.)

Paint - I used four different colors of Delta CeramDecor Perm Enamel paint (Satin Finish - for Tile, Glass & Ceramic), Burnt Sienna, Red Red, Citrus Yellow, Tangerine, and Crocus Yellow.


Crackle Paint (optional)

Stencils (optional - if you are good at it, you can freehand the letters)

A Sharpie

Silk Flowers and/or Leaves in Fall Colors
Use a stencil to make clean letters
Here's a sample of the lettering done with a stencil on the outside of the jar.
Painting the jars
Something didn't go right with the crackle painting, so I improvised.

After all the jars are painted, just add a colorful fall arrangement for a cute fall decoration.

More detailed directions and more crafts can be found on my website Monkey and Gunkee's Crafts.
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  • Janet Janet on Feb 14, 2019

    I love this idea, will be perfect for any holiday or season, just with seasonal flowers and colors!

  • Janet Janet on Feb 14, 2019

    Yes I will be trying this project, just cant wait to try this very soon!