Mason Jar Fall Crafts - Enchanted Autumn Leaf Jar!

Mila Myk
by Mila Myk
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25 Minutes
Mason jar fall crafts are one of my ultimate favorites!
With all the wonderful Autumn colors around, you can create your own little Fall Season in a jar.
It’s Autumn trapped in a lantern, right there, in your living room. To create Enchanted Autumn Leaf Jar, you need few cheap items you probably already have at home and some fall treasures you can find outside. It’s good to start on your craft just after the good ol’ walk in the woods.
What you will need: colorful autumn leaves, craft glue (modge podge), small painting brush, a big mason jar (without the lid), led tea light candle (or regular candles/ tea lights), some twine string (optional), scissors, plastic cup (optional).
Please note: You can use real or artificial leaves. If you decide to use real ones, start crafting right away (before leaves start to curl up and wither) or store them in the book, between pages. Use the heaviest book possible, to make sure the weight properly presses them. I used mine week or two after picking them up and they were fine.
If your leaves are too dry, damp them slightly, they will be easier to form around the inside of the jar.
Clean and dry your mason jar. Cut off leaf petioles. Spread craft glue inside the jar (don’t use too much, I recommend 1 mm layer). Make glue spot the size of the leaf you want to use first and stick leaf onto the jar wall. Spread a thick layer of craft glue on top of the leaf (watch out for leaf ends, they are the first ones to peel off).
Quick tip: Craft glue dries up quickly. Squeeze out exact amount you need to stick one leaf onto the jar wall and use it straight away. You can squeeze out glue into the plastic cup.Now, back to the craft…
Spread another batch of glue on a jar wall and repeat rest of the process. Repeat it until the whole inside of the jar (or area you chose) is covered with leaves. It’s all right if leaves overlap (just try not to make leaf layer too thick).
Let the jar dry for at least few hours. Make sure it’s properly dry before using it.
Put the led tea light inside and enjoy!
You can tie up twine string on top of the jar, to make it look more rustic.
Tips and Tricks:
You can use regular tea lights or candles, but for safety reasons I recommend using battery operated led tea lights and candles. If you decide to use real ones, please make sure that the flame isn’t too close to the jar walls and that the leaves aren’t peeling off.
You can also use led string lights if you want to go for ‘firefly’ look.
Artificial leaves are easier to stick onto jar walls, but I like the real stuff!
Smooth out leaves using your fingers, small & wide painting brush, makeup sponge or sponge brush.
If your jar was previously used to store oil (or oily stuff), use alcohol to get any greasy spots out. Glue won’t stick on a greasy surface.
Small leaves (and parts of leaves) are much harder to a attach to the jar. The bigger the leaf the better!
If leaves won’t stick, use more glue and let it dry for longer. Make sure that weight of the glue pressures leaves down to the glass.
As I previously said, small leaves are harder to attach, but as they look so cute you may want to take a chance with them, anyway!
My Autumn Leaf Jars from previous years:
You can also use hurricane lamp to make this craft.
I hope Mason Jar Lanterns will make your home looks cozy this Autumn 
Happy Crafting Guys!
Suggested materials:
  • Autumn leaves   (outdoors)
  • Craft glue   (craft shop/dollar store)
  • Small painting brush   (craft shop/dollar store)
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Mila Myk
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  • Quenna Bennett Quenna Bennett on Oct 06, 2017
    How long will the leaves stay on ? If they start to come off do you replace them or can you just add a little glue to them ?

  • Linda Linda on Nov 12, 2017
    Can you Mod Poge on the outside? My granddaughters would do better with the outside.

  • Wbu52815006 Wbu52815006 on Sep 14, 2021

    can the leaves be removed ?

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  • Sheryll S Sheryll S on Dec 13, 2021

    This is perfect for me. I have a small, older home, with no storage space. So I won't feel so wasteful if I toss them after the holidays.

    Thank you.

  • Ann Ann on Sep 19, 2022

    Your jars are beautiful I will defo be doing this. Thankyou ❤️