Move Over Tin Man Here Comes Candy "Glass" Scarecrow...or Plastic!

by Jacque
3 Materials
10 Minutes
Do you save your glass (and plastic) sauce or peanuts jars? If so, where/how/what do you store them in/at? I have SO many! LOL
I stumbled on this project by pure luck because I really don't like waste! icon These jars are perfect to store candy that may get hard or stale if left out too long.
Can you see the NOSE at the top?
I apologize upfront to those of you who love the stuff - no judgement, but I seriously don't like that nasty candy corn that surfaces this time of year at all!! I bought some that was caramel flavored hoping it would improve in flavor and boy was that just ALL KINDS of wrong! I didn't want to throw it all away though! I stored it in a peanut jar for guests (who maybe had overstayed their welcome...JUST KIDDING!). Once I saw it inside, I thought this would really make a "sweet" little scarecrow! Haha (Like that pun huh?)
Gather up your materials
All You need in addition is: Squiggly Eyes, Felt, Buttons, a Wooden Stick, Straw, and Any type of fabric. Don't forget the scissors and hot glue!
To make a sturdy hat you'll need cardstock
Cut your felt to size around the top of jar, making a cuff at the end of hat. It will look like a mini t-pee with a bit of straw protruding out the top. After that's finished, just tie it at the top with same straw.
Then hot glue it onto lid to stabilize
Now, for the arms you'll need a sml-med size popsicle stick for added stability. I wrapped the straw like ribbon and then attached it to the front of stick with a piece of pipe cleaner.
Cut the ends to make straight/even arms
Hot glue arms/stick to the front.
I had some material remaining from my last project. I use that to make a "sweater vest". Glue all of that together on the jar.
Hmm which tie to use??
I glued the eyes & buttons on; then used green glitter glue to make a mouth.All DONE! For candy that would have been thrown makes a pretty cute scarecrow, huh?
My scarecrow displayed with flowers
It was a fun and easy project-great to do with kids too!
Thanks for looking!
Suggested materials:
  • Glass/Plastic Jar with Lid, Candy corn, Hot glue   (Already Had)
  • Felt, pipe cleaner, Glitter Glue, Squiggly eyes, buttons, straw, popsicle stick   (Craft store-already had)
  • Scissors
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