Outside Fall Decor

by Dorinda
6 Materials
2 Hours
I'm late for me on getting my outside fall décor done, but I finally did, so thought I would share. I listed this as costing $25, but it would be more if I had to buy the hay, and if I didn't know the guy we bought the pumpkins and squash from, who gave us a good deal of them.
Some friends of ours went to a wedding, and they had a hay ride.  They brought us the hay after it was over, but these were a little moldy because of rain, so I put them to use.  I know most people use straw, but you know me, I have to be different.  lol  I realized after I completed my décor that I should have turned the bales on end, but that's ok, it still looks good.  I stacked 3 bales to begin with.
My husband brought this tire with a pole attached to it home from a job he was doing, and I'd been trying to figure something to do with it.  I decided to put this toward the back of the hay to hide the tire a little.
Next thing I did was to place pumpkins and squash around the hay.  I put a white pumpkin on the post, but didn't leave it there, because the wind here is crazy, and I was afraid it would blow the pumpkin off the post.
I decided I needed a few mums to go with my décor.  I placed one of the mums on top of the post, then wired it on there so the wind wouldn't blow it off.  I also wired the mum on the left because the wind kept blowing it off the hay.  I moved the pumpkin I had on the post to the front of the hay bales.
I went to Dollar Tree, and bought 4 fall garlands.  I wrapped two around the post, then took the other two and put them on the hay in the front.
Here is a close-up look at the post.
This picture shows how I tied the mum to the post.  I thought of putting the mums in other pots that didn't have writing on them, but I got lazy and told myself it would be ok in what they came in.
My OCD kicked in, and I had to add another pumpkin to the left of the ones on the ground.  There, that looks better. lol
The guy we got the pumpkins and squash from gave us some indian corn that he couldn't sell because they were small ears, or had a few bugs that ate some of the kernels.  I tied 4 together and attached them the post. 
Now it's complete, well, done enough for me.  As you can see, our yard is full of all kinds of things, so this décor is a breath of fresh air for me, compared to the rest of the yard.  I pick my battles on the farm, and having this décor brings a little beauty to my chaotic yard.  Plus, when Halloween is over, I will cook the pumpkin and squash, and freeze the pulp to use this winter.
Suggested materials:
  • Pumpkins and squash   (farmers market)
  • Hay   (friends)
  • Post attached to tire   (husband brought home from a job)
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  • Brenda Miller Brenda Miller on Oct 26, 2017
    I love it. BTW, when mashing the pulp to freeze, any way to "best" do it? cook till mushy, or leave it a little "crispy"?

  • Nanade7 Nanade7 on Oct 29, 2017
    It's beautiful! How is the post attached to the tire? It could be used in so many ways.

  • Les21347284 Les21347284 on Nov 11, 2017
    How do you preserve your mums/pumpkins?

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  • C Crow C Crow on Oct 26, 2017
    So very pretty--just the sort of fall decor I love to see. Using what we have and nothing going to waste! Enjoy your autumn and thank you for sharing!

  • Nancy Nancy on Oct 26, 2017
    Looks great. I also put the 2 straw bales that are on the bottom at an angle . Turn the bottom bales toward the center and adjust the top bale.