Painted Pallet Wood Snowflakes

by ScavengerChic
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If you love pallets, have a bunch of scrap pallet wood sitting around (or even just a few pieces), would like a quick and easy project…I may have just the project for you…Painted Pallet Wood Snowflakes!
Start out by gathering your extra pallet wood or other reclaimed wood.
Create squares from your pallet wood. With the wider width pallets, I used two pieces to create a 11 inch square. With the thinner pallet wood, I used four pieces to make a larger 13 inch square. On the back, nail or screw on thinner pallet braces to hold your pieces together.
Start layering on the chalk paint. The first layer was black chalk paint (that’s already covered up) followed by teal as shown above.

You don’t have to be particularly neat, just try to smooth out any paint drips.
The teal was followed by a final chalk paint layer of light blue.
Time to attack the pallets with an electric sander. I revealed a little bit of the layers in the center but most of the sanding was focused on the edges blending all three layers of the chalk paint until you don’t see any hard edges where the paint lines ended.

To make the snowflakes, find the center point of the pallets and use a pencil to make a horizontal line leaving about an inch border on the sides.
I’m told that a typical snowflake has 6 points. Trying to draw equal angles free hand was not working and I couldn’t find any of the protractors I’ve bought over the years for my kids geometry classes, so I ended up cutting a 30 degree angle triangle with my miter saw. That little piece was a perfect pattern for all the snowflakes.

Use the length of the first line you drew to make all of the snowflake points the same length.
Outline your snowflake lines in white paint.

It doesn’t really matter what you do with each snowflake point, but whatever you do, repeat the same design on all 6 of the points.

Make sure you stop by Scavenger Chic for all three of my finished snowflake designs as well as a link for hundreds of snowflake ideas.
Suggested materials:
  • Pallet Wood
  • White, teal, light blue and black Chalk Paint
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